Modernize your applications & data with AWS

Application and data modernization is essential for organizations looking to accelerate migration to the cloud. We help companies optimize their application environment and data architecture to address evolving business requirements, and build fast, hyperscale, cloud-native databases to process their data and draw valuable insights.

Accelerate migration to AWS with modernized applications & data

Businesses with a future-proof vision know what benefits data and application modernization with AWS brings to the table in their journey to the cloud. It enables them to keep pace with evolving business requirements and scale in the most optimized way with cloud-native applications that can access, store and process large amounts of data within milliseconds.

Nevertheless, modernizing your apps and data goes beyond technology and involves creating a unified strategy that aligns business goals, audits the existing IT infrastructure, examines the gaps, and offers a tailored, process-led plan and roadmap. The AWS-certified experts at VentureDive can help you with the strategy, planning, and successful execution of your cloud migration and application & data modernization efforts.

We begin by exploring your business problems to the root and offer long-lasting, optimized solutions. This ensures continuous delivery of application modernization across all technologies you work with. Our goal is to manage and optimize services on AWS for you and help you boost business security, increase agility, reduce time to value, and improve customer experience.


Benefits of Application & Data Modernization

Upgrading your data and application architecture as you prepare to migrate to cloud can help you get the most out of your AWS.  Accelerate innovation, lower costs, and deliver impeccable customer experiences, in addition to: 

Driving Additional Revenue

Modern app & data architectures can help boost business efficiency and reduce implementation time & cost.

Eliminating Database Dependencies

Improve customer experiences by freeing up resources from database management to focus on core business mission.

Securing Data & Business

Secure your data and drive better insights by automating security functions & data privacy features any modern business needs.

Opening Doors to AI & ML

Unlock true value of data with AI & ML to create smart workflows, automate decisions & experiences, and build personalized business models.


Modern, rational & intelligent architectures

Customers looking to modernize their cloud infrastructure usually have two main concerns: i) They want to lower their total cost of ownership, and ii) They want to adopt technology that allows them to innovate freely to meet their evolving business needs. 

To address these, and get the most out of AWS cloud, we audit your existing application and data architecture and then make modernization recommendations based on your desired outcomes and timelines. Next, we help you move your current infrastructure to AWS cloud. Once all your applications and data are adapted to native AWS solutions, we help you add new capabilities to your mission-critical software, and extract improved business value from data workloads. 

Our three-phase process ensures minimal downtime and service interruption while accelerating your migration to the AWS cloud:


After the initial audit, we analyze and move the applications almost as-is, but replace some components to take complete advantage of the cloud. 

• Move applications and data hosted on-prem to AWS

• Migrate databases like SQL, Oracle, and My SQL to AWS


We build app architecture using microservices, serverless, and containers and ensure continuous integration for a seamless flow from development to deployment.

• Convert local applications to native AWS technologies 

• Migrate data to AWS managed databases like Aurora


We strictly track performance improvements and help you build new applications using modernized infrastructure to extract maximum business value from data.

• Combine internal and external data workloads 

• Leverage AI & ML to extract valuable business insights

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App and data modernization services

Application & Data Assessment

As an organization looking to modernize with AWS, you need to conduct an in-depth assessment or audit of your current application and data landscape. We help you review and evaluate your database and application architecture, and offer a roadmap for what needs to be replaced, retired, modernized or consolidated. We then design a solution, based on our findings, that helps you reduce cost, improve customer experience, and increase interoperability and agility. 

Rehosting to AWS

In the interest of time and cost, the applications and databases that do not require any changes or upgrades are moved from on-premise to AWS cloud as-is. Our migration team will help you decide which applications need to be rehosted. We will create a customized migration plan to smoothly shift your apps and data workloads to the cloud. Once migration completes, we optimize cloud performance using the least risky approach to boost security and reliability.

Cloud-native Replatforming

Adopting cloud-native services helps save the cost and effort involved in rewriting and refactoring applications. Our experts help you move your apps and data workloads almost as-is but make minor changes to the architecture to take advantage of the new AWS cloud infrastructure. In addition to increasing the elasticity and responsiveness of monolithic workloads, we automate your infrastructure and create continuous integration & deployment pipelines to enable you to scale reliably.

Data Migration to AWS

Modernizing legacy database environments helps businesses extract valuable insights that can be used to drive business growth. When migrating your data workloads to the AWS cloud, we begin by evaluating your existing database architecture, convert legacy frameworks and programming languages to native AWS technologies and offer you fully managed cloud-native databases. This would free your resources of management & optimization duties, and divert their focus towards core business growth. 

Data Lakes & Warehouse Modernization

With ever-growing data, it is essential for enterprises to organize and consolidate it in order to be able to use it for intelligent applications. We help you consolidate data from multiple applications and different data stores. AWS empowers you to implement the complete data warehousing workflow, including consulting migration and data ingestion to data lake storage and data warehousing analytics to speed up innovation, become scalable and improve availability. 

Build Foundation for AI-based Applications

Future-proofing your architecture by preparing your data to power smart applications can help you tap into new avenues of business growth. Our AWS-certified data experts strategically use data to extract valuable insights, accelerate time-to-market and ensure success by laying optimized data foundations for your machine learning-based applications. 

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