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Cloud migration is essential for organizations who are seeking digital transformation and preparing for disruption. Our expert AWS adoption & migration strategy and tactical execution helps companies of all sizes build a more agile, secure, and scalable infrastructure with AWS. 

Accelerate business innovation with AWS Cloud adoption

It is crucial today for every business to become a cloud business regardless of its size: startups, SMEs, or enterprises. Cloud adoption is one of the fundamental steps in achieving agility, cost efficiency, and scalability. You can determine which platform and path are best suited for your journey to cloud once you understand what cloud migration is, what it requires, and how it can benefit your business. 

Over the years, we have seen the world’s leading brands migrate to AWS as their cloud platform of choice, due to a number of reasons: It has AWS has >10x the computing capacity of the next 14 largest infrastructure vendors combined, it has been around the longest, and it offers you free access to cloud for a year. 

At VentureDive, our first priority is to understand deeply what your business wants to achieve in the long-term and short-term, your current challenges, and your existing IT infrastructure. Based on this intel, we leverage the right people, processes, and platform knowledge to guide you along the path that is right for your business.

Cloud migration business case


Benefits of migrating to AWS Cloud

In addition to increased operational agility, quicker time to market, and significantly less administrative effort for on-site infrastructure, organizations who migrated to AWS from on-premises saw a:


Average increase in productivity.*


Lower 5-year cost of operation.*


Less time lost to unplanned downtime*


More efficient IT infrastructure management*

*From IDC White Paper, title “Fostering Business and Organizational Transformation to Generate Business Value with Amazon Web Services”; published February 2018*


Agile and cost-effective AWS migrations 

With usual “lift and shift” migrations, you can rarely leverage all the benefits that AWS cloud has to offer. Instead, we audit your existing infrastructure and then make migration recommendations based on your target parameters. Next, we design an agile, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure before automating and deploying it to AWS. Once we get your go-ahead we proceed with migrating your data, and then test security and functionality rigorously. 

Our three-phase process ensures minimal downtime and service interruption during your cloud migration to AWS:


We develop a business case for cloud migration based on an assessment of your current infrastructure, existing applications, priorities, & your objectives.

• Define business, security, & compliance goals • Stakeholder alignment around business case & goals • Review of existing environment & resources

Plan & enable

We recommend the best migration strategy & a minimal disruption plan for your migration, to meet your performance, compliance, cost, and security requirements.

• Determine the migration plan & timeline • Integrate the CI/CD pipeline • Design & implement the operating model & landing zone


We execute the migration plan, & validate each application in your infrastructure. Following this, we deploy an automated testing strategy to ensure the cloud migration was seamless.

• Extensive app testing & validation • Automation & optimization • Go-live execution • AWS environment onboarding & hand-off

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Services that make it a game-changer

AWS Cloud Adoption

As a startup you need to plan ahead and establish your IT infrastructure geared to scale efficiently and cost effectively. This is why you should build on Cloud from the get-go. We help you understand the features and benefits of cloud for your organization, & leverage the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to envision & design a roadmap for your successful cloud adoption.

AWS Application Migration

In the complex enterprise architecture landscape, it can get challenging to minimize business impact with AWS lift-and-shift. Our solution for a seamless, swift, and cost-effective migration of your application workloads, is to redesign & re-architect the application to make it suitable for AWS cloud through containerization. 

AWS Database Migration

For most enterprises with legacy databases like MS SQL and Oracle DB, it can get difficult to understand where to start with their database system modernization. Our AWS migration experts are well-versed with AWS and the Scheme Conversion Tool (SCT), enabling smooth, error-free migration of your databases to AWS RDS, Amazon Aurora, & Amazon Redshift.

Microservices on AWS

Microservices are an approach to software development, where software comprises small independent modules that communicate through APIs. When striving to migrate on-prem monolith applications to AWS, you need to first decouple the application into microservices through containers in Amazon EC2. Our AWS architects help enterprises leverage microservices to improve cloud readiness.

AWS Cloud Migration Support

Our engagement does not conclude with your cloud migration. Once you have successfully migrated your apps, workloads, servers, and/or services to AWS, we provide proactive, enterprise-grade support and managed cloud services, to ensure that your AWS environment is compliant, highly optimized, and secure.

AWS Cloud migration toolkit we frequently use

Upgrade legacy architectures to get the most out of AWS


AWS offers 6 strategies for migrating to Cloud

Involves moving on-prem apps as-is to the cloud. This is most suitable for large legacy migrations where there is shortage of cloud tech skills.

Involves making a few optimizations to an otherwise as-is application. This enables conservative migrations with some cloud benefits.

Involves complete replacement of the app with cloud services. Suitable for organizations willing to move to a different product.

Involves rebuilding the app for a cloud-native environment. Most suited in cases where on-prem can not enable the scale or features required.

Involves identifying & removing apps that no longer serve a purpose. This frees up resources for useful apps that can benefit from cloud. 

This involves a decision to keep some application, which may not yet be suitable for or ready for migration to cloud, on-premises.

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