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Cloud management and operations are vital for companies looking to maximize the value of their AWS investment. We help you drive innovation by taking operational tasks off your plates so you can divert focus towards growing your core business. 

Achieving operational excellence in AWS cloud

Keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology industry puts great pressure on organizations to innovate faster, rapidly adopt and adapt to the dynamically changing environment and work more efficiently. With such expectations, businesses can’t afford to dedicate high-impact internal resources for routine operations and management of their AWS environment. These operational tasks serve as a constant distraction that pulls engineering resources away from the core job of innovating to help a business grow.

During our engagement with multiple cloud-native businesses, we observed managed cloud services to be an essential part of their IT strategy. No matter where you are on your road to AWS cloud, our experts work with you to design and build a purposeful cloud infrastructure. This empowers you to bank on advanced cloud capabilities like infrastructure as code, DevOps, AI & ML, containers, etc., and innovate with agility and confidence. 


Benefits of AWS managed cloud services

Apart from achieving operational flexibility and enhancing security and compliance, AWS managed cloud services can help businesses around the world experience: 

  1. Day-to-day management of your AWS infrastructure 
  2. Reduced cloud spend & optimized usage
  3. Technical & enterprise support for your AWS environment 
  4. Continuous insight into key performance metrics
  5. Enhanced monitoring & incident response
  6. Scheduled maintenance, updates, patches & backups

In addition to these, Forrester has determined the following three-year impact of AWS managed services, based on customer feedback and quantified benefit, cost, risk, and flexibility factors:

243 Boost in return on AWS investment*
7.7 Dollars worth of net present value.*
10.8 Dollars worth of benefits present value*

*From Forrester Webinar, title “Total Economic Impact™ of Working with AWS Managed Services”; broadcasted March 2020*


Agile and cost-effective AWS migrations 

As you embrace the modern, cloud-native mindset, you may need help with exploring how to deploy, monitor, operate, and master new AWS technologies like containers, serverless, AI, and machine learning.

Partner with our team of AWS experts that can help you manage and innovate within your AWS environment. We help you go beyond the traditional ‘build and operate’ barriers to accelerate high performance and free up your team to drive results that make a difference for your business.

Our AWS engineers serve as dedicated support for your cloud environment throughout this three-step process to becoming a cloud-first organization:


We begin by building strong technology foundations before we help you with cloud adoption and migration. This involves strengthening the security, governance, and compliance levels of your existing architecture.


Next, we leverage minimum viable refactoring of your applications as you migrate to AWS cloud. This ensures your workloads are production-ready and security and compliance levels are fully achieved.


We combine battle-tested cloud operating models with infrastructure automation. Our AWS cloud experts continue to ensure that your newly migrated AWS environment effectively meets the needs of your business.

Connect with us to build a secure & scalable AWS environment


AWS Managed Cloud services

AWS staff augmentation

Address the shortage of AWS certified resources or issues with talent acquisition and retention with our dedicated team of experienced cloud engineers.

Let your application teams work on building applications and solutions that drive business growth. Prevent unforeseen stalling in cloud adoption by outsourcing these for your AWS environment: 

  • Build, maintain & manage automation & modernized infrastructure 
  • Deploy infrastructure, applications & workloads
  • Control costs & scale performance using key analytics & insights 
  • Offer proactive recommendations & suggestions 
  • Focus on evolution alongside upgrades & advancements
AWS cloud operations management

Leverage our knowledge and resources to handle and scale your cloud infrastructure and operations.

Gain 24×7 access to on-demand cloud experts and certified specialists who work with you to deliver cloud-native solutions. We offer support on cost optimization, architecture & engineering, and help you:  

  • Troubleshoot glitches & performance issues 
  • Implement security monitoring
  • Perform threat analysis for incident & disaster response
  • Deliver continuous application modernization 
  • Optimize performance across relational, NoSQL & cloud-native databases

AWS Cloud Management toolkit we frequently use

Migrate to AWS swiftly and with confidence

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