Boosting a business through app development could be a notable move for your growth. An app reaches marketplaces, both traditional and online, especially areas like Google Play, App Store, and more. Moreover, it offers additional functions such as coupon codes and force update announcements. 

Speaking of applications, VentureDive produces and invests in high-end technology products and solutions to help businesses and improve the lives of people worldwide. We are a technology solutions company with a team of passionate service leaders. They serve as our partners in solving B2B and B2C challenges and making our clients stand out in the competition.

We focus on understanding our clients’ customers and business hurdles before developing unique solutions for them.

Rated 5-star by IslamicFinder

We are proud to announce that we’ve recently received a 5-star rating review from our Clutch’s platform. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses to solutions providers they need.

The review is from IslamicFinder’s General Manager. We are currently working with them on their development projects. We are keeping all of their apps modernized with the latest iOS and Android updates. Our team also helped the client improve their product performances.

IslamicFinder reviews VentureDive on Clutch

General Manager, IslamicFinder

“Our apps have been very good. We had been struggling with how to centralize the whole design system for our apps as well as for the website. They came up with the solution to build a design system, and they implemented it in our apps as well as our website. In our opinion, it has been a game-changer.”

It’s been more than five years since they began working with VentureDive. Until now, we can still feel how satisfied they are with the work we do in our project with them.

Rated 5-star by Kashat

Another 5-star rating review we received was from the Chief Technology Officer at Kashat, a nano-lending platform. We have been in partnership with them for over 3 years, and offer app development services for the Android platform to them. 

Kashat reviews VentureDive on Clutch

Sumair Farooqui, their Co-Founder & Managing Director talked about Kashat’s collaboration with VentureDive, in-depth, and shared their story of innovation. Watch the complete video below:

Top-rated app developers in Pakistan

These reviews are only two of our many clients who are more than satisfied with the services and solutions we have offered.

Our great news doesn’t stop there. Our company was hailed as the best flutter app development company in Pakistan by The Manifest, a business guide that shows the most talented solutions providers in the market. Flutter is a popular development kit for creating cross-platform. 

It’s heartwarming to receive such recognition. Our team of more than 250 professionals has been working hard to provide the best UI/UX design, development, and consulting services from startups to large firms. Finally, The Manifest sees all our efforts and hard work. 

Now, we’d like to show what we can do to your business. You can also visit our page to check our portfolio and send us an inquiry. We’d love to hear from you!

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Looking to build a high-quality, robust & reliable product? Explore our mobile app development services, create iOS, Android, & hybrid mobile apps, and gain a competitive edge.

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There is a lot of content out there. The web is swarming with millions of blogs, articles, social media posts, videos, images, and whatnot. It is highly possible for any content that you put out there to get lost in the crowd.

Amidst all that, you have to make sure your content is visible and accessible to people. Does that mean you start writing more content? Well, maybe, if it were 2004. That’s when the idea of content creation online was fresh. Now, everybody is doing it.

To get your content noticed today, you have to make sure it’s high in quality. If the content piece aims to truly help people, is written in an easy-to-ingest format, and keeps the reader engaged, then it is considered high-quality.

Here are a few rules that we, the magic makers at VentureDive, stick to, for producing content that our audience loves.

1. Storytelling is vital

There’s a whole science behind it. Research shows that our brains become more active when we’re being told a story — the parts of our brain responsible for processing the visual input are also active, in addition to the language processing parts, when we’re reading a story.

When your content sparks the audience’s imagination and allows them to actually experience what you’re saying because of your words that are rich in imagery, more often than not, they stay with you till the end.

Boring, textbook-style content doesn’t sit well with most people. The page exit rates are quite high for posts with tedious and factual content. That’s where we, the content marketers, come in. To turn any piece into a story, here are a few things we like to do:

  1. Make it conversational — add a monologue or a dialogue
  2. Metaphors make the business talk relatable — for example, everybody has heard, “Time is money.” This doesn’t really mean that time is a currency, rather, it just denotes the value of time — it’s so valuable that it may as well be money.
  3. Leverage the jargon — create vivid imagery through words — e.g. change “The market dip put the investors at loss.” to “The 10-million dollars’ crash in the United States stock market incurred a 75% loss to the investors.” The second sentence is descriptive and portrays a clearer sense of the story.
  4. Tap into the subconscious — insert common examples that most people are familiar with, so they follow along with minimal effort.

2. Focus on the ethos

Content that appeals to the emotions of the audience generally tends to do much better than that which doesn’t. If people can relate to your content, and it evokes positive feelings, the content is successful. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about — it could be the most run of the mill thing ever — like artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Coca cola ads appealing to the audience
Coca-Cola Advertisement (2019, left & 1890’s, right) | Left — targets Ethos (feelings), Right — targets Logos (facts).

However, if the content is written in a witty, friendly, unbiased and fun tone, it is likely that people will scroll through to the end of the article or blog. It is always good to create content that is in line with your brand personality. At VentureDive, we aim for all pieces to exude the bold, passionate, fun and fresh personality that we have.

Remember, your audience will always remember how your content made them feel, even though they may forget what it said. If the feeling lasts, they are likely to revisit your content, too.

3. Harness the power of visuals

Visuals last longer in our brains than any other form of content. It is a tool that should always be used when storytelling. People can relate to the stuff they can easily imagine and keep up with.

The right visuals, when used in tandem with the storyline, can make your content go from good to awesome. Stats suggest that 90% of the information that our brain processes is visual and the processing speed is much, much faster, as well.

Furthermore, it has been proven that 40% of people respond better to visual information as compared to plain text.

Therefore, telling your take through imagery can help elevate your content’s quality, resulting in a lowered exit rate, and increased time spent on-page. It’s all about capturing the reader’s attention.

4. Ensure your content is useful

If your content isn’t providing any actionable takeaways to your readership, then the content quality needs to go up. The key is to keep the content from losing meaning.

In an attempt to make the content fun and interesting, it is quite easy to lose track of why you intended to write it in the first place. If it’s losing the meat, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate.

Here’s how we stay relevant when creating an awesome content piece:

  1. Build an outline — define the headings and subheadings before you start writing
  2. Write a solid conclusion — the whole story summed up in a short paragraph
  3. Chunk it down — smaller text blocks, dotted with relevant images and videos

Furthermore, another important thing is to back your content with adequate research and facts. If what you’re saying fits with the story, but there are no references to back them up, then the authority of your content is greatly reduced.

Useful content is something that actually helps your audience. You can include lists, graphs, and any other diagrams that effectively summarise what you talk about throughout the blog. What I mean is, if the title of your blog post is “7 marketing tools that can make your life easy”, then you better be talking about those 7 tools, with a list in the conclusion. That makes it easy to skim through.

5. Be seen with celebrities (not kidding!)

When you’ve been creating content for a while, it’s always better to get in touch with renowned names in the market. Doing collabs, working together, getting into a partnership or contract with famous names in your niche can offer you a boost in legitimacy.

It’s natural. If you’re trying to establish yourself as a food blogger, for example, then be seen with Mark Weins, and your authenticity in the capacity of someone who knows food well will improve. People will say, “Oh, Mark Weins knows this guy, it must mean that this guy is a food expert too, and it’s worth our while to check out his content, too.” It’s just our brain’s way of making connections and establishing authenticity.

So if the content marketing department at VentureDive needs to increase its legitimacy, maybe we would collaborate with Gary Vaynerchuk or Neil Patel, for that matter! 🙂

6. Get reviews and feedback

If people endorse your content, and refer you through reviews, it boosts your genuinity. Here are a few ways that can help you get good reviews for your business:

  1. Make sure your content is high-quality and optimized.
  2. Offer lucrative incentives, e.g. $10 Amazon Gift Card for a review.
  3. Ask customers for a review in-person — the personal touch, matters.
  4. Choose the right moment to ask for a review
  5. Respond to every review — even negative ones.
  6. Be the first to review your customers — best to keep it positive.
  7. Share and re-share any good reviews you receive.
  8. Allow people to leave reviews on multiple platforms.
  9. Host events (meetups, conferences, and exhibitions) to get quotes and on-spot reviews from your customers.

Moreover, reviews are a means of receiving honest feedback from industry experts. There is always room for improvement. Reaching out to experts and receiving feedback can offer advice for improving your content — and if they are words of praise, it’s always a plus. Trust the gurus. They know better. Improve your content and fly high.

Long story short

The sea of content out there can intimidate anyone who is just venturing into the content marketing field, but don’t be discouraged. As long as you create content following these 6 rules, you cannot go wrong.

While you may be a brilliant writer, these tips can help you market your skills better. We’ve tested these techniques and the results have been phenomenal. Since these are quite generic in nature, you can apply them to any kind of content you’re producing.

However, the type of audience may require you to adjust your strategy a bit. For example, it is not advised to go for the witty or fun tone of voice when writing an instruction manual that is to be used by technicians to operate certain equipment.

All in all, you can create remarkable content, it’s definitely not an impossible feat. The first step is to get started and not be overwhelmed. The rest will follow. Plus, spend double the time on its promotion. Remember, the wider the reach, the better your content performs.

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At VentureDive, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate to improve lives. What sets us apart from other technology solutions companies is our underlying mission to solve real-world challenges through cutting-edge services, products, and experiences. 

Our technology solutions span web and mobile design and development, consulting, and data and analytics. To provide potential clients with insights into what it’s like to work with us and the results we’re capable of delivering, we often direct them to our Clutch profile is a rating and review platform based in Washington, D.C. covering web, software, and mobile app development companies around the world. 

Clutch lists IT organizations across the world, rating them on their market presence, industry experience, and proven ability to deliver excellence and results to their clients. Instead of clients merely leaving reviews or star ratings, the Clutch team speaks directly with current and past clients to hear first-hand how each firm performs and delivers. 

This comprehensive approach gives users and buyers a realistic understanding of each service providers’ strengths and weaknesses.

It’s very important for us to receive honest and detailed feedback from our clients. This feedback helps us upgrade our strengths and correct our weaknesses. We are thankful to all our clients whose words will continue to inspire us to work, create, and evolve.

Many of our clients have given us amazing reviews on Clutch and shared their experience of working with VentureDive. They’ve rated us out of 5 in different categories; below are some insights from a few of our clients.


Our most recent five-star review comes from Kashat, the first digital nano lending company in Egypt. They approached with a unique challenge, to deliver a cutting-edge solution to their customers which would be the first of its kind in Egypt. Considering the project and the regulatory requirements, it was paramount that the highest level of quality and security was maintained for this project. 

The client was thrilled with our team’s high level of understanding throughout the process and their professionalism ensured that the build process went smoothly and finished on time., an educational startup that’s working to improve literacy and develop a love for reading amongst children in Pakistan, left us our first review on Clutch — along with a perfect 5-star rating! 

The startup approached us to develop their mobile app. A core part of’s initiative is to have volunteers read stories aloud to children in underserved communities.

The startup wanted an app that would help facilitate volunteer registration and serve as the primary communication tool amongst all stakeholders in the program. They also hoped that eventually, the app would give children independent access to stories. 

Although the client had a short two-month deadline, the team was up for the challenge; we worked quickly and ensured effective collaboration between our teams so that the app was ready on time. 

When the app launched, it immediately generated a lot of interest, and reports that it’s become a beneficial tool in their program. They appreciate that our team has come to their offices to help volunteers download and troubleshoot the app.

Tez Financial Services

We recently received another glowing review from Tez Financial Services, the first fully-digital and licensed financial institution in Pakistan. They wanted to provide frictionless financial access and aggregate various financial accounts, from insurance to savings, into a single mobile app — and they hired us to do so. 

The first order of business was to meet with Tez Financial to discuss their business goals and determine what end-user needs the platform had to fulfill. Then, we got to work developing a robust, comprehensive, forward-looking, and user-friendly mobile app. We designed the app and did both front-end and back-end development.  

Tez Financial reports that we played a pivotal role in the launch of their company. The app has a healthy NPS and a high rating in the Google Play Store. 

The client appreciated that our senior management provided full support throughout the project, which helped to ensure that all of the project objectives were met in a timely manner. They also commended our efforts to align with their vision.


One of our recent high profile projects was the Munchies project with Unilever Pakistan. This was an important project as this was the first time that Unilever got into a joint venture with a tech-led company in Pakistan. 

The challenge was to build a delivery platform from where a consumer could order and get ice cream delivered in 10 minutes. Unilever initially approached us for a google sprint to the entire model and then moved on to partner with us to develop the entire framework.

A month after the launch, Munchies was downloaded over 7,000 times and the system had received 3,000 orders. The client appreciated our organization and attentiveness when it came to the project as we successfully met deadlines.

We strive to provide our customers and partners with solutions that perfectly match their requirements and these amazing reviews are a testament to our commitment and drive. If you want more information about our work and approach, feel free to visit our case study section, read our blog, & follow us on our social media pages.

We look forward to growing our Clutch presence and delivering more successful projects to our clients. If you have a business challenge that you’d like to run by us, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love taking on new partners and challenges.

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