Functional testing

Release better quality Products & Software faster with cost effective, end-to-end functional testing.

Is your product functionally fit for release? 

Almost 40% of companies don’t have the right QA approach to ensure highest quality in software. Functional testing services validate that an application performs as per the desired functionality and competently meets the end-users’ expectations. Through our functional testing expertise, we help our clients increase their customer base, enjoy greater ROI and gain a competitive edge.

VentureDive’s Functional Testing as a Service ensures that your system is defect-free with 100% functionality compliance, and is ready for release. Our testing team are trained to:

  • Think Like a Customer
  • Test the Application as a Whole
  • Understand the User Experience
  • Ensure the Highest Quality Throughout a Release

Our Functional testing practice in a nutshell

  1. Creating custom Test Plans, & adopting the best Test Management tool keeping in mind your business goals.
  2. Deploying the right delivery models & approaches to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
  3. Using best practices to enable smooth Automation.
  4. Using of techniques like Risk based testing, boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning, etc.
  5. Enhancing UI/UX to boost end-user satisfaction.
  6. Leveraging Responsive Testing as part of Functional Testing Services to ensure website responsiveness across devices & platforms.
  7. Selecting & implementing the right metrics to evaluate performance.

Benefits of Functional Testing


Enhanced user experience

Functional testing enhances the user experience by removing out functional bugs & any lost opportunities in settings.


Comparison with benchmark

Deliver the output data, by comparing actual and expected results of an IT infrastructure.


Validation of integrations

Test units of each system to validate interaction of each component & deliver expected output.


Interface analysis

Allow QA team to correct module collaboration of a system according to its specified requirements.


Identification of functionalities

Clear the identification of different functions and how they affect other functions.


Accuracy & reliability

Smoke, Acceptance and System Testing ensure accurate testing results related to bugs & vulnerabilities assessments.

Our Functional testing services

Unanticipated results, Poor user experience and value-adding opportunities lost! That’s what happens when an application isn’t tested. Being a functional testing company, we validate a product’s expected functional performance to see how it responds to the stated specifications.

For all applications, we guarantee secure authorization and protection of sensitive data in compliance with GDPR.

Our expertise

  • Smoke & sanity testing
  • System integration testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Negative Testing
  • API Testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Responsive Testing


  • Critical issues in Release vs Production
  • No. of bugs in Release (grouped by Severity)
  • No. of known issues per platform i.e. Android, iOS, backend
  • Features delivered in a Release
  • Gap analysis in requirements
  • Sign-off on the quality

Industries we enable

  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education 
  • Retail
  • Human resources
  • Entertainment
  • Telecomm

What do we test?


Enterprise apps


BI & Big Data solutons


Web portals


Ecommerce solutions


Customer apps

Engagement models

We provide functional software testing services under the three engagement models:

Managed testing services

Our Quality Assurance, Testing, & Automation engineers testing team take care of all testing activities

Team augmentation

We provide testing specialists to strengthen your testing team and/or speed up the testing process

Setting up your testing team

Our QA consultants help you set up an independent testing team relying on industry standards.

VentureDive as your Functional Testing partner

We are dedicated towards testing functional aspects together with ensuring stability and reliability of a software product/service well before it enters the production phase. VentureDive delivers both manual and automated testing solutions that provide an optimal approach to speed up functional testing processes related to your project.

Certified Functional Testers

Team of ISTQB certified testers with practical expertise in different application lifecycle models such as Agile, DevOps and Waterfall

200+ Successful Projects

Trusted functionality testing services offering to a global client base comprising of Fortune 500 companies and other leading enterprises

Automated Tool Collaborations

Strategic alliances with both open-source and commercial automation tool vendors like Selenium, Microfocus, Eggplant, etc

25% Reduction in Release Time

Reduced time between releases and idle time for developers by almost 20-25%

Detailed Error Reporting

Functional testing company managing quick defect reporting by highlighting the root cause of significant vulnerabilities

Functional testing approach we follow

With highly qualified testers on board, VentureDive follows a robust approach and formulates personalized test plans to assure that all requisites of the application are achieved as expected.

  1. Identification of applications requirements
  2. Functional specifications established by project objectives and input data
  3. Defining output inline with requirements
  4. Execution of test cases
  5. Evaluation and assessment of test results

Looking for a trusted Functional Testing Service Partner?

Get in touch with our qualified team of experts to seek flexible functional QA testing solutions for each of your digital applications.

Our Functional Testing process

Tools we use in functional testing

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