Performance testing

Deliver user-friendly, stable applications at peak loads 

Is your product functionally fit for release? 

Software performance testing is aimed to ensure the system’s stability and proper functioning under expected, continuous, and stress load.

VentureDive’s performance testing experts apply proven tools to validate the solution’s performance metrics and provide an all-around view of its performance.

Benefits of Performance Testing

Performance testing determines the responsiveness, throughput, reliability, and scalability of a system under a given workload.


Production readiness

Assess production readiness of an IT system to achieve performance goals and requirements.


Identification of problem

Find the source of major performance vulnerabilities impacting the desired performance quality.


Informed decision-making

Collect other performance related data to help stakeholders make informed decisions.


Determination of system performance

Load testing will show whether the system is ready to be deployed on production.


Readiness for migration or centralization of information systems

After changing the architecture, you’ll need to make sure that the system performance is sufficient.


Plan for capacity

Load testing allows you to simulate the future behavior of the system, when the number of users and data increases significantly.

Our Performance Testing services

We offer load testing services for applications across domains and technologies. Our QA & Automation engineers are experienced with all industry-leading performance testing and monitoring tools, along with having expertise in end-to-end application performance testing including network, database, hardware, etc.

Our expertise

  • Development  of business scenarios
  • Parameterized test scripts
  • GUI/non-GUI execution
  • Jenkins integration
  • Simulate & execute Load testing
  • Volume testing
  • Stress testing 
  • Spike testing 
  • Endurance testing
  • Analysis of test results & reporting


  • Automated script with correlation 
  • Number of concurrent users
  • CPU utilization 
  • Response time
  • Error rate
  • Server configuration
  • Smart meter/Jmeter report
  • Performance Monitoring results

Industries we enable

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education 
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Human resources
  • Communication & media entertainment
  • Telecomm

Engagement models

We provide performance software testing services under the three engagement models:

Managed testing services

Our Quality Assurance, Testing, & Automation engineers testing team take care of all testing activities

Team augmentation

We provide testing specialists to strengthen your testing team and/or speed up the testing process

Setting up your testing team

Our QA consultants help you set up an independent testing team relying on industry standards.

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VentureDive as your Performance Testing Services partner

All too often, the vital job of Performance Testing is overlooked during projects due to it being seen as expensive, time-consuming, and highly technical. We’re here to show you that this needn’t be the case. Here’s a brief overview of how we achieve exemplary results for our clients:

Ready-made frameworks 

for both open source (Apache JMeter, Locust, Gatling) and enterprise tools (LoadRunner, Silk Performer, NeoLoad, Gatling)

Pre-built environments

for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to quickly simulate large amounts of worldwide traffic

Internally developed Accelerators

that reduce testing times and costs by up to 40%

Performance testing project stages

With highly-qualified testers on board, VentureDive follows a robust approach and formulates personalized test plans to assure that all requisites of the application are achieved as expected.


Project starts

Bringing in the specialists: Performance Lab specialists can work at provided workplaces of the client’s choosing, or remotely through secure Internet access to the testing environment.


Designing & coordinating testing methodology

An appropriate testing methodology is designed after analyzing the system’s documentation, examining its business processes, and communicating with the client.


Determining the load profile

This profile is composed of a number of operations with pre-set execution rates. These operations are determined based on statistical information, or by analyzing system requirements.


Test model design

Designing the test model is the most important and technologically complex stage. This is the point at which the load testing instruments are created and tuned.



Execution of tests in accordance with load scenarios, Processing results, Evaluating the validity of test results.


System analysis

The results of these tests are analyzed by Performance Lab specialists when preparing their conclusions and recommendations.



Preparation of the report that contains testing results and the list of detected problems and recommendations, as well as the creation of the testing instructions.

Tools we use in performance testing

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