We went on an extensive bandwagon before this, explaining all the traits of a good custom software development partner and the factors you need to look out for when choosing one for your brand. Meanwhile, there are various aspects that companies do not ponder while looking for the right custom software development partners, and often tend to make mistakes that turn out to be major blunders on their end, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Blunders like these may not be reversible if too much time has already been invested, but they can be easily avoided right from the beginning. Big contenders in the market tend to avoid these issues, and most of the time, startups and various newly emerged brands – who are in the process of establishing a base – try to get their hands on the first company that fits their budget, which in itself is not the right thing to do.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; you must look for many factors while selecting the best custom software development partner. At the same time, there are some grave mistakes that we should be aware of. Numerous companies looking for outsourcing partners often let go of these factors, thinking of them as insignificant, but they make the most difference. Those are as follows: 

  1. Vendor reputation & prior projects
  2. Disdain latest technology & trends
  3. Zero collaboration and communication
  4. Not having a dedicated team
  5. Lack of proper requirements

Common mistakes while choosing a custom software development partner

1. Vendor Reputation & Prior Projects

To be fair, anything done without proper, comprehensive research is doomed for good. To top it off, bringing in an outsourced development team or staff augmentation service should never be done without proper review and analysis; it’ll be an extremely expensive mistake you’ll be making otherwise. 

Conducting thorough research not only consists of how long the company has been in the market or its reputation but also how well they have been performing over the years. Their clientele and work ethics are impeccable, to say the least. Read up on what former or current clients have to say about their services and how they are performing with other companies. 

If you ask us, research does 99% of your work for you, and finding the best custom software development partners will relieve you of all other issues that would normally come your way. 

2. Disdain Latest Technology & Trends

One of the major benefits of outsourcing custom software development companies is the extensive toolset and technologies they have acquired to fulfill their tasks at market-competitive rates and high quality. Keep in mind that these companies should have an updated skill set along with all the latest technologies under their hood, indicating how dedicated the team is to provide an exquisite technological solution for their clients. Anything below that is considered obsolete and below industry standards. 

Hence, never fall for companies that may possess a good outer aura but are way behind on their trends and skills. Better technology vows better and more advanced skills that users will definitely enjoy, and it will be prone to scalability. With an outsourced custom software development partner, this factor is a given.

3. Zero Collaboration and Communication

Various companies make the mistake of handing over the entire project to their outsourced custom software development partners with little to no say of their own. Contributing factors include the lack of basic knowledge about software development or the common know-how of what’s going on in the project and the necessary requirement. This just isn’t enough anymore.

A client is always expected to be one step ahead of the software development partner when it comes to what they want in their product and what features would be suitable for an effective UI and UX. A company or brand can never create a product without proper collaboration from both teams. This ranges from the design sprint to the deployment. A debate, trial, and error process at all stages of the product’s development will create a product to your liking and ensure your company has a strong bond and communication with the partners. 

Moreover, when the final product is ready to take off, as a company, you will always be involved in every activity, and nothing will feel overwhelming, nor will it be something you disapprove of as a whole. Every decision will have your say in it, making you feel like your product’s rightful owner. 

4. Not having a dedicated team

Not having a dedicated team can be a major hassle that can cost numerous delays, mix-ups, and a lack of individual attention that your project may require. Numerous companies do not disclose the size of their workforce while onboarding new clients and startups are already shorthanded on staff, making their schedules tighter. 

Risking your product in the hand of someone who already has their hands full makes it tough for them to cater to all your needs and prioritize your tasks. It also can become a major cause of constant delays in the launch of your product. Furthermore, not having a dedicated team also means the company lacks specialized, expert individuals who know all the technicalities. 

A custom software development partner or company is known to be great when they have a dedicated team of QA engineers along with software engineers like VentureDive. Quality assurance is a must for every great piece of custom-made software, not only for the product’s longevity but also for the quality and the time it took to create someone’s dream project. For example, more often than not, many software apps are made with a better focus on the UI than their usability, which leads to functionality issues in the long term. Such problems can be avoided with a usability audit.

5. Lack of Proper Requirements

Well-reformed and proper requirements at the start of any project are a necessity. These requirements set the foundation of your project for not just the software development company but your own clarity. It’s a well-structured plan of what you have in mind and what you want to achieve with your project. 

Without a detailed structure and blueprint for the development firm to follow, the project will experience a lot of missed opportunities and failure to achieve the desired goal. Leaving you and your development partner on different bandwidths, eventually plunging your initial budget and elongating the project.


There are various companies looking for outsourcing partners for their software projects, and numerous times they end up with companies that may have a budget that suits them, but they just don’t qualify to be the best custom software development partners that brands deserve. The factors that promote making those mistakes seem minor but aren’t. The great news is that they are easily preventable with our major pointers; thoroughly read them out and go on to create the best custom software of all time.


A good software development partner is reliable and trustworthy with a vast track record of previous clients. They usually are popular in the industry and have a good clientele that vouches for their work. Their online presence is also very good, with multiple samples and examples of their work.

Custom software development is the ultimate time and money saver. It’s flexible and allows the client’s creativity to shine. And most importantly, custom software development is scalable and future-centric, allowing you to expand your business and goals with each sprint, without causing a dent in your budget.

The process involves initial estimation and requirements where the idea is refined, a budget is allocated as well as tool selection takes place. After that, the design team takes over and creates the required assets which are later developed, tested for any bugs, and then launched in the market.