Essential features to include in an on-demand healthcare app

Adina Humayoon
Adina Humayoon

April 8, 2022

Essential features to include in an on-demand healthcare app

Telehealth and on-demand medical app development soared back in 2020 when the pandemic hit the globe pretty badly. The whole population was forced into isolation, depriving them of all the essentials in their lives, including healthcare.

This gap in the healthcare system left all of us with a lot to think about. Mainly the fact that how are we going to make it as accessible as it used to be, but at the same time follow all the necessary protocols and SOPs that the government has enforced. 

Ironically, all this hassle brought about the need for a thoroughly curated and well-organized healthcare application that not only fulfilled all the medical needs but also provided a safe and secure platform for patients to rely on. But for it to be a success, a custom software development firm must list down and include all the essential features that must be included in an on-demand healthcare app

These essential features are vital during any medical app development, responsible for making it a reliable and successful health app, that exists to make lives easier for patients along with the doctors who are effortlessly providing their services to mankind in this difficult time. The features required in an on-demand healthcare app are as follows:

Patient and Doctor Portal

First thing’s first, getting the health portal started with an easy membership or a sign-up page for either of the parties is a necessity. The page should be simple and must include all the necessary details of a patient, like their name, age, and email. 

The same should be for the doctor’s portal as well, but with a little more detail, since doctors must have their complete profiles with their fields of expertise and their experience jotted down, along with a picture. These membership portals are the right way forward for a successful healthcare app and are a necessary feature through and through.

Rating and Reviews

Bringing in a human-centric approach, allowing complete transparency when it comes to selecting your doctor is a patient’s right. And by providing this feature in your on-demand healthcare app, you would be doing the patient a huge favor, by giving them an option to rate and review their experience and the doctor for his services. 

It is necessary to have the right check and balance as well, only having the best-in-class for the user, and keeping a keen eye on each of their feedback and abiding by them is what will elevate the user experience, and it’s the right things to do as well.

Appointment Scheduling

Long gone are the days when patients had to wait in line for their turn, crowding the clinics and hospital waiting rooms since dawn break, just to get the first consult with their doctors who were otherwise hard to reach. With a digital application in action, all these painstakingly long tasks will be eliminated.

 A good digital healthcare platform must have a strong appointment scheduling feature, allowing patients to book the time slot of their liking, and also get a look at their doctor’s schedule, to see what day and time fits best for them, and what slots are booked already. Moreover, these appointments schedulers must have a notification button, reminding the patient of their appointment a day before or so, while also including it in their mobile’s calendar. 


Turning everything digital and out of physical settings is the main aim of an on-demand healthcare application, and hence a telehealth station within the app is a crucial feature. And, this is the next step for patients after they have booked an appointment with their respective doctors. 

The meeting can be via audio or a video call if they are willing to show their physical symptoms to the doctor. And, it is a known fact that patients resonate more with their doctors if they have a physical presence in front of them, whom they can see and talk to, face-to-face. But, for some, it is also possible to open up more if they do not meet or see the person, to avoid any sort of judgment or anything that will trigger the anxiety of the patient. 

medical app development features


EHR, commonly known as Electronic Health Records is a must-have when it comes to on-demand medical app development. Now that everything is finally getting a digital platform, why not EHR. An automated and online health record will be easy to store on the cloud, and easily accessible for the doctors while taking multiple patients, avoiding them to repeat their history while approaching a new doctor on the portal. 

Moreover, this cloud-based data will allow these records to stay safe and secure, without any issues of getting lost or getting altered for illegal means. With the patient’s consent, this data can be used for various medical research and studies. But consent is necessary for that, no matter what.  


A platform with an active EHR system will always have a digital prescription as well. Both the features go hand-in-hand due to their nature being linked to the history of a patient along with their medical records along with the dosage. 

Speaking of medicines, an essential feature is providing access to all the nearby pharmacies where patients can reserve or purchase their medicines. Medical apps have an advantage, which allows them to partner with pharmacies, or if they are affiliated with any hospital, then they can add this feature, linking all the orders to their own hospital pharmacy and delivering through it.

HIPAA Compliance

Medical app development is incomplete without HIPAA, also known as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) ensures that doctor-patient confidentiality is maintained along with the privacy of the patient and their data as well. A reliable medical app must abide by the legalities of HIPAA and other firms, allowing them to keep an active eye on whether these regulations are followed or not.  

Payment Methods

E prescription and an online pharmacy also require a secure and accessible payment gateway, allowing patients to choose how they would like to pay for their medicines. This feature will make things easy and accessible for the patient and regular users in the long run as well. 

Emergency Cases 

A healthcare app is incomplete without an option to report a medical emergency. From reporting the emergency to availing the service of an ambulance, transporting the patient to the nearest hospital, or allowing them to get instructions for first-aid. 

Key Updates and Notifications 

Getting timely notifications and alerts regarding your appointment or availability of a spot is a crucial and essential feature that has to be there, regardless of anything. One can also install reminders for when to take their medicines, according to the e-prescriptions that are also a part of your medical record, included in your profile. 

Be sure to keep your notification and update feature relevant to the needs of the patient, and not for useless and excessive notifications, which will cause them to block the notification feature altogether, causing them to miss out on important announcements and reminders. 

Integration with other devices

Users these days have become extremely tech-savvy, and have numerous gadgets on them like Apple watches, fit bits, and more. These gadgets tend to calculate your original pulse and heartbeat, which can be a crucial element required while getting a telehealth consult. 

Integration of these external gadgets in the healthcare mobile app will bring in better results, as doctors can administer crucial results like the patient’s blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and more. These integrations will also help develop a steady market, allowing more devices to make their way into the market that can remotely calculate and send data to these respective medical apps.

Professional Networking

Just like any other hospital, your on-demand doctor app must include a platform for doctors to network professionally, as well as share their patient profiles and reports within the application with other doctors for a consult. This feature will allow the doctor to not only network but also the patient to get the best treatment.

Updated Tools

Last but definitely not least is a regular health check-up of the application and keeping it updated with all the new tools and features that allow the user experience to be unprecedented and safe as well. From multiple languages to a search bar and whatnot. These small features make the medical app accessible and easy to use.


With that said, if you are wondering how to develop a healthcare app then these are some of the essential features one must include in order for it to be a success amongst the patients as well as the doctors. Medical app development is a huge responsibility, and thus it must cater to all the medical needs that an in-person hospital visit would.

FAQs for Essential features to include in an on-demand healthcare app

For patients of all ages, a medical app must be easily accessible, and also with a user-friendly interface with all the necessary features available, like an easy registration method, easy navigation of doctors and appointment scheduling, etc.

The major components of telemedicine include audio and video conferencing, access to images and reports, remote monitoring of symptoms and vital signs a readily available helpline for emergencies, and more.

The top priority of a healthcare app revolves around the patient’s sensitive information and its protection under all the laws that are imposed by the medical community and the government as well.

The major benefit of telehealth medicine is to: 

  • Keep immunocompromised patients safe at home
  • Avoid physical interactions
  • Don’t have to take time off from work
  • No transportation cost
  • No worries about child-care in your absence
  • No wasting time in the waiting rooms
  • Easy access to all the specialists
  • All available from the comfort of your home

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