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Customer Success Rate

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AtEvent is a comprehensive and market trendsetting event lead automation platform. It lets sales and marketing teams capture higher quality leads and provide detailed sales-specific insights so companies can increase the success of their events. AtEvent connects pre-event, at even and post-event lead engagement to accelerate sales velocity.




Event Technology Service


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AtEvent leverages VentureDive’s technology to help businesses boost ROI from industry events

Enterprises typically spend 20-30% of their marketing budgets on events and yet are often saddled with hard-to-use and inefficient lead-capture devices that do little to maximize the return on their event investment.

A significant number of people from across the industry come to conferences or exhibitions, as attendees or participants. It costs a lot of money to have your presence there. The problem was that there was no defined way to gauge the return of this investment. This is where AtEvent comes in. It helps consumers plan what to get out of an event e.g. potential partnership opportunities, track the people they meet, collect leads, score leads, followup leads, etc. At the end of the year, customers know which event benefited them the most, and they can go for it in the following years. 

How AtEvent works is, each participant has a tag (presenter, visitor, etc.). The app acquires the participant’s details using the barcode on the tag. These details are of each person the participant meets, and include, but aren’t limited to their budget, why they’re attending, what their business is about, what’s their business model like, what their business needs are, etc. 

AtEvent was looking to:

  • Link the application with CRMs
  • Create a portal for event organizers
  • Perform a diverse range of integrations
  • Improve customer retention

When their team reached out to VentureDive, AtEvent’s product was gaining traction – people wanted to use it – but there were some technical issues they needed resolving. They couldn’t retain customers; owing to the buggy app, customers were losing jobs, facing a hard time at work as they failed to justify their event participation, etc. 

In short, problems in their software were very deeply rooted. They needed a technical solution, as well as a fix for their business problems.


Transforming AtEvent’s software infrastructure to offer intuitive & engaging customer experience

VentureDive proposed an architectural method tailored for AtEvent and the above-mentioned problems. This method was based on NASA’s Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM), and their development team adapted and applied it to this situation. VentureDive gave them the roadmap of how to recover – it was completely technology-based, not feature-based.

Through ATAM, we were able to:

  • Obtain a clear & concise picture of AtEvent’s Technical Architecture
  • Articulate AtEvent’s business goals
  • Gauge AtEvent’s quality requirement in different scenarios
  • Map architectural decisions to quality requirements
  • Identify sensitivity and trade-off points
  • Define risks and non-risks
  • Define risk themes

Helping AtEvent grow exponentially with a game-changing mobile app

With VentureDive’s technology architecture, AtEvent’s net promoter score stabilized in the first 6 months. It is now going towards growth, and this allows them to focus on improving the application and adding new features, instead of continuing to fix the existing ones.