About Project

Our client is a leading paint manufacturing and distribution company in the MENA region with offices across 5 countries. With a Japanese heritage of paint innovation and a history of over 100 years, our client vows to bring their customers the color and trends to transform and create visually stunning spaces.




Paint Manufacturing




Upscaling homes with innovative engineering

Built upon the Japanese fundamentals of innovation, our client’s ideology and methodology revolve around design thinking, problem-solving, and performance. Having started their journey back in 2008, they have since expanded their scope of products and paint services in the architectural, automotive, and engineering side of industries as well.

Their vision was absolute: improve user experience and diminish the complex paint selection process that would often leave people confused, and restricted with their choices. Along with that, estimation uncertainty was another factor that required attention.

While they were on a hunt for a technology partner to take over their fixed-scope project, VentureDive’s extensive work and portfolio in retail made us the prime choice for this project. VentureDive provided end-to-end development and professional services which included, mobile app development, design, quality assurance, business analysis, and dedicated project management.

In a rapidly expanding, highly competitive marketplace, our client envisioned a fast-paced shopping experience for their users, globally. Their revolutionary approach evolved around offering a dedicated paint visualizer that would help users visualize, estimate, and purchase paints via their mobile application.


Visualizing colors with award-winning technology 

The plan was to build an app that allowed users to visualize their 1500+ library of colors in various settings. To this end, keeping in mind that this was a fixed-scope project, VentureDive laid out the project roadmap and allotted an experienced dev and design team to develop the initial MVP, headed by a dedicated Project Manager.

After finalizing the requirements with the help of a Business Analyst, the development team set a goal to complete the user application in record time. The application included a space visualizer, based around multiple living spaces covering all possible aspects of the home interior and exterior, various indoor living spaces, and a vast paint directory to choose from. It also included multiple paint finishes and surfaces for users to choose, and calculate the estimates, ending their journey with in-app purchases via credit card or cash-on-delivery.

This fixed-cost project required multiple syncs, initially, to understand our client’s vision and finalize the contract before the work began. Our agile-driven development approach ensured timely deliveries and top-notch development services.

A team of approximately 10 members adapted to their roles effortlessly and created assets that the leadership greatly appreciated. The communication was clear, which helped strengthen the relationship we had with our client. 

Delivering excellence with a refined buyer journey 

Our client’s wish was to expand their business from an in-store experience to an e-commerce storefront. Their long-term goal revolved around entering the e-commerce industry and becoming a part of the evolving market geared towards an accessible and improved shopping experience from anywhere. The development team at VentureDive designed and developed an e-commerce application using Spurtcommerce, an open-source e-Commerce multi-vendor, with in-app payment integration from a local fintech vendor.

The mobile application built on Flutter offered easily accessible, native, and scalable features that are easy to maintain on both Android and iOS. Since the application provided real-time swatches on set interiors, the real challenge was to nail the paint visualizing feature that was the key soul of the project, and an important factor that could change the way customers select, and buy paints.

Diversifying customer experience with key features                        

One of the key aspects of the solution involved getting the user to experience the paint swatches in all settings and lighting, whether it be day-light, white-light or, warm light. Our design & engineering experts worked closely to create layers & codes that would allow users to view and compare multiple shades side-by-side under various light settings.

Creating an intuitive user journey to boost customer engagement 

To help promote paint sales through the application, that too in precise quantity to avoid wastage, our dev team created options where users can mention the dimensions of their walls, excluding the space occupied by doors, windows, or in-built cupboards, and select the shade that would go on those walls. 

The app further had a feature where users can select the type, sheen level, and color of the paint to be applied. They could choose from 3 options defining the condition of the wall, which would recommend the user additional material e.g. primer, putty, and the number of coats. This allowed customers to increase visibility & operational transparency when they proceed to checkout.

The real challenge was creating an easy-to-navigate user journey that results in a guaranteed purchase.


The ROI of digitization

VentureDive brought our client’s rock-solid vision to life with a stunning paint visualizer and purchase application for Android and iOS that would calculate and provide an estimate of the quantity of paint utilized for the project. An entire team of designers, developers, and QA engineers was dedicated to getting the tasks done with a timely launch.

The Paint Visualizer App allowed users to get a taste of perfection and interior design while solving a crucial pain point of going through the complex selection process of getting the right color for their living space. The application also provides an estimated calculation of the quantity of paint that will be utilized based on the exact wall measurements provided by the user. 

The user can then place an online order for the exact estimates the application has provided, with options to pay online or at your doorstep.