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Our Services

Offering a range of services geared towards business growth

Scalable System Development

Create end-to-end mobile and web applications that can be scaled as demand shifts. Leverage higher agility, better user experience, and an overall lower cost of maintenance for your enterprise-grade systems

Infrastructure Modernization

Integrate seamless hybrid cloud migration to upgrade and modernize your current system to a newer, faster, and better infrastructure. Augment security and an optimized IT footprint to enhance your product and maximize revenue.

Product Design

Craft user-centric, visually appealing experiences for your digital product. Solve real-world problems and strengthen business metrics using epic design methodologies straight out of the VenD design studio.

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Quality Assurance & Support

Eliminate functional, performance, and security flaws within your system with our rounded-up quality assurance services, post-launch support, and maintenance. Deploy a seamless and well-functioning product for your users to benefit from.

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Enterprise Data Solutions

Create, manage and connect data across various systems and third-party apps to drive insights.  Develop effective data management system for your Enterprise to increase value, equity, and growth opportunity for your product.

Cloud Services

Go cloud-native and deliver accessible and scalable applications in less time. Increase data security at a reduced rate. From AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or a platform of your choice, the options are endless.

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Our Process

Discovery Workshop

Validate product ideas and get answers to critical business problems. Eliminate roadblocks and minimize risk to curate a solid go-to-market strategy.


Requirements & Estimation

Lock your design and development roadmaps, with confirmed deliverables and costs, while laying the first foundation of the wireframe.


Design & Development

From visualizing the product in sprint 0 to the final phase of the project with complete design and development, the project is ready for testing.


QA & Testing

Rounding up a seamless app by conducting a rigorous software and user-acceptance test to ensure a bug-free application for users.


Launch and Support

The app is ready to be deployed on various app stores, extending service to maintain app performance and support while we prepare to scale the app.

Our Technologies

Choosing the best technology for your projects

Our Working Model

Achieve flexibility & inclusivity with our engagement models

Teams as a Service

Build your in-house IT team or extend your existing team with curated set of talent or ready-to-go development squads that can scale to meet your business needs.

Fixed Scope & Timeline

This model is ideal if you have a fixed timeline, budget and know the features of the app. Deliver projects quickly & efficiently by strictly executing the development plan.

24/7 Monitoring & Management

Stay ahead of any service downtimes with 24/7 system monitoring, automating critical security updates & staying aware of cyber attacks & potential threats.

Find out more about custom software development

A custom-made software can include any software that is not built on pre-made components and setups. Custom-developed software is built from scratch with tools and in-house codes created by expert software engineers.

To fully develop custom-made software, clients have to undergo a rigorous process of idea analysis and planning, which is followed by design and UI sprints. Then comes the actual development which is then tested out via quality assurance. Once QA gives the green light, the product is deployed and maintained via the support team.

A custom-developed software is an entire idea turned into software with a unique code-base, and design. It’s crafted for a unique user base, with specific functions, unlike off-the-shelf software.

The cost of developing custom software applications lies in a very broad range. It depends on the scope of work, project complexities, and a number of other critical factors. Software size, software complexity, creative design, integration with other systems, and migration of existing data are just a few of those many factors.

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