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Polish the roadmap to a successful product launch

This is for you if you’re looking to…

Build a solid business case to align all stakeholders

Verify & visualize your idea before you invest a lot of money

Build solid requirements to make the process easy for the dev teams

Scope out the product roadmap for planning & budgeting purposes

Why we highly recommend opting for a discovery workshop

Build the right product in the first go

Compile a feature list & specify project budget to save time & money, and speed up MVP release.

Increase production speed

Save days & weeks worth of time when you move into development phase, with a defined plan.

Reduce risks eliminate surprises

Pre-plan to minimise risks or delays that may occur during the actual production phase.

Break the ice grow as a team

Get to know the team, share knowledge & connect to successfully deliver the project.

Augment the development process

Prevent software failure by pre-setting requirements & defining scope & budget.

Involve the stakeholders from day one

Include shareholders from the beginning so the right product is developed from the get-go.

Leverage the insights from experts

Acquire & use knowledge & experience from our experts when making important decisions.

Get real buy-in on the spot

Get your prototype tested & incorporate the feedback for an improved & optimised prototype.

Validate your business case and develop a prototype in less than 6 weeks

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What to expect in a discovery workshop

We follow a simple 3-step process…

  • 01

    Design sprint

    The design sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers to have a realistic view of your product.

    How does a design sprint flow?

    • Understand
    • Sketch
    • Decide
    • Prototype
    • Validate
  • 02

    Prototype development

    A design prototype enables informed decision-making for the application flow & usability. Be a part of this 3-week activity to find a feasible solution to your problem & shortlist project requirements.

    Who’s involved in prototype development?

    • Designer
    • Architect
    • Product manager
    • Facilitator
  • 03

    Business case

    From specific requirements to a defined roadmap, a business case helps you set your project’s direction. Create a precise solution proposal or a ‘blueprint’ that acts as a holy grail for the actual product development.

    What’s included in a business case?

    • Feature list
    • Technical architecture
    • Development roadmap

By the end of a successful discovery workshop, you should be able to…

Know milestones

Set project milestones and focus on achieving them

Define budget

Estimate the unit costs for all project components & plan accordingly

Choose resources

Know which resources you’re going to need for project execution

Get on the same page

Unify the requirements & be clear on the expected end-result

Deliver on time

Ensure all components are delivered well within the deadlines

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

After the product discovery workshop, we present you with a blueprint, which contains everything discussed during the workshop, including the future roadmap for the project.

100% yes. As long as we have a stable internet connection and minimal distractions, it’s no problem. And we are pros at it!

The cost of the product discovery workshop varies depending on the complexity and scope of your project. It would be less for a shorter, less complex project but could go up for more time consuming, intricate projects.

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