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Our Expertise

Transforming medical care with custom digital healthcare solutions

Point of Care Solutions

Robust and responsive mobile apps are essential for aiding healthcare professionals in everyday activities, such as monitoring patients and documenting their progress. Examples of healthcare apps include:

– Medical decision-making applications
– Drug information applications,
– Patient-centered applications

Health Information Exchange

HIEs provide easy access to information-sharing for healthcare professionals. In addition to updating and storing information, HIEs help by:

– Reducing dependency on manual paperwork,
– Improving reporting and monitoring of data,
– Increasing transparency in data sharing

While developing HIEs, we ensure the integration of FHIR to streamline the sharing of health data.

Telehealth & Telemedicine

Telehealth and telemedicine have enabled healthcare workers to deliver remote clinical medical care and remotely administer medicines. Our healthcare IT experts can build and deploy solutions that benefit patients, especially from the underprivileged segment of society, with solutions such as:

– Remote patient monitoring, where data collection can be done in various locations
– mHealth; dedicated software and applications for mobile and tablets
– Real-time interactions on live video sessions

Mental Health & Wellness

Provide users with easy access to mental health and wellness care through mobile and web apps. We offer end-to-end solutions ranging from ideation to deployment of apps for

– Sports and fitness activity tracking,
– Diet and nutrition
– Weight loss coaching,
– Sleep cycle analysis,
– Mental health & meditation
– Pregnancy & menstrual period tracking

Maternal & Neonatal Child Health (MNCH)

MNCH is a sensitive area in healthcare that requires digital solutions covering the entire pregnancy journey. We have successfully deployed healthcare platforms that cater to different pain points of the mother-child health journey through various modules, including:

  • Vaccinator
  • Social Mobilizer
  • Lab revamp
  • Physician
  • Intrapartum
  • Family Planning

Impart better medical care with smarter digital solutions

Connect with us to learn how you can set your organization up for success by catering to the above issues and reaching your goals efficiently.

Why VentureDive

What makes us your trusted health tech partner?

HIPAA Compliant

Our software development practices align with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Healthcare Expertise

We have experience working for various healthcare organizations, from hospitals to non-profit organizations & initiatives.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare IT experts are aware of the best practices for developing viable medical software or solutions.

Focus on User Acceptance

The products we develop are made to cover all aspects of user acceptance, including scalability, interactive graphics, and functionality.

Continued Support

Our support team remains in coordination, even after the deployment of the product, to oversee any issues arising.

Range of Solutions

From a custom web application to a robust mobile app, we are here to facilitate your healthcare goals with a range of technologies.

Our technologies

Tech stack for building state-of-the-art digital healthcare solutions

FAQs healthcare software development?

Healthcare software development comprises the creation of technological solutions that aid healthcare organizations such as hospitals and clinics in providing better quality medical care.

The main types of healthcare software development include

– Medical practice management software
– Hospital management software
– Urgent care
– Electronic health record software
– E-prescribing software,
– Healthcare CRM.

These types of software can be in the form of mobile applications, desktop applications, or both.

A medical software development company that specializes in providing top-tier and custom software development to medical institutions and organizations. This sets them apart from a regular software development company, which does not have a dedicated team primarily for healthcare technology. Since their team members have specific skill sets and experience working in healthcare software development, they can easily work on healthcare apps or custom solutions as required instead of experimenting and learning from scratch. They know which features are essential in a healthcare app too.

More often than, organizations start out by focusing on the interface of a healthcare app, and scalability is compromised. This can lead to issues such as

– Inability to manage to expand datasets
– Absence of new updates and integrations
– Failing to function smoothly without lags

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