Enabling you to manage those who matter the most

Our cloud-based HRM solutions allow you to transform the way you manage and engage your people. Whether you are a startup or a global enterprise, our customizable solutions can take your HR to the next level.

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A suite of powerful modular solutions for a happier workforce

Personalized dashboard

Dynamic dashboards for managers and employees to track feedback along with survey completion status.

Fully customizable

Customize everything, from questions to how the final report looks. Ellipse 360 can fit your evolving needs.


No download or installation hassles. Ellipse 360 is completely cloud-based & compatible across devices.


A scalable pricing model makes Ellipse 360 the ideal solution to support small and large organizations.

Continuous learning

Access accurate data from multiple sources to boost performance and organizational development.

Company directory

A central place for employees to find experts and get an insight into the company structure or hierarchy.

Information center

A dedicated area for employees to access business-critical news, information and documentation.

Event center

Employees can stay informed about upcoming events, webinars and training programs.

Important links

Link to third-party websites or portals so that employees can access content from one central place.

Birthday center

Employees can easily check whose birthdays are coming up & they can also wish people with a click.

Hassle-free management

Manage leaves, and track remaining balances, requests, and booked time off with a comprehensive dashboard.

Fully customizable

Customize leave types, balances, or accrual rates, and automate these calculations.

Quick requests

Employees can keep track of their own balances and request time off directly, without any back and forth.

Flexible document flow

Be it a simple approval path or a more complex one, easily define it and modify it depending on your needs.

Real-time reports

Easily generate custom reports on leave requests or on use of leave in a given period.

Easy expense management

Define your expenses policy & expense periods. Configure permitted limits consistent with your company’s policy.


Reduce administrative work by allowing employees to create and submit their own expense claims.

Real-time approvals

Notify managers of expense report submissions and also set reminders about pending approvals.

Faster reimbursements

Easily track pending reimbursements and reimburse on time, instead of waiting weeks to get reimbursed.

Expense analytics

Track every expense that is made and stay on top of organizational expenses with a diverse set of expense analytics.

Give rise to future leaders from your team with valuable feedback & performance insights using Ellipse 360

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Powering on-demand businesses across industries

Efficient Record

Say goodbye to extensive, manual spreadsheets, and start tracking & maintaining employee records and data efficiently.

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Greater Control & Customizations

Customize our solutions to increase team efficiency and productivity via automation, real-time insights, detailed dashboards, and analytics.

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Quick Turnaround

Process claims, leave requests, performance reviews, etc. at a much faster pace with everything digitized, automated, and available on-demand.

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Bespoke software development

Wherever you are in your journey, our technology solutions can help transform your business with services ranging from software development and design to data analytics, cloud services, and more.

  • Losing customers to poor performance?
  • Want to create software that transforms?
  • Looking to bring disruptive ideas to life?
  • Want to build a brand that inspires?
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