Movanos: Take your delivery business online

Movanos is a ready-made Delivery Management Software that helps you track orders, upload inventory, and so much more.

We customise and white-label it so it perfectly marries into your brand and makes it super easy for your customers to explore different products, place an order online, and shop in just a few minutes.









Last-mile delivery for your specific business needs


Want to build a marketplace platform to connect wholesalers and retailers?

Make it simple and efficient for them to conduct business with financial reports, real-time billing and invoicing, catalog and inventory management, live order-tracking, route optimization for quick delivery, and online payment integration. 

Build lifetime relationships that go beyond business with retailer loyalty programs, regular promotions and discounts, and 24/7 customer support for instant resolution for any queries or concerns.


Looking to build an e-commerce platform to sell and deliver your products to end-consumers?

From placing orders to delivery of goods, oversee the end-to-end process with complete inventory and catalog management, live-tracking orders, real-time reports, and custom routes and geo-fencing for quick and efficient delivery. 

Offer a user-friendly customer app with rating & feedback, promos & discounts, loyalty programs, multiple payment options, location-based notifications/recommendations, and in-app customer support.

Powering on-demand businesses across multiple industries

Get your products and services straight to your customers’ doorsteps with a suite of apps tailored for your specific use-case.


Food Delivery


Medicine Delivery


Grocery Delivery


Flower Delivery


Online B2B Marketplace


Can be customized for other use cases


An all-in-one white-label platform for launching your online delivery business

Set up your business with a highly customizable, scalable, and secure online ordering and delivery management software that offers a complete range of end-to-end solutions for business owners, customers, delivery agents, retailers, wholesalers, and sales agents. 

Customer app for online ordering & tracking

Movanos customer app can be tailored for B2B merchants or B2C consumers based on your business needs.

As a merchant, access your marketplace from anywhere and sell on-the-go. As a customer, perform quick & easy product search, live-track orders, get 24/7 chat support, location-based notifications, and more.

Movanos Agent app

App for Delivery Riders & Sales agents

Make it simple for your delivery riders or sales agents to onboard new customers, view their earnings, and get real-time order requests along with proof of delivery.

Enable them to accept/reject orders, receive task alerts & reminders, and get recommendations for the most optimized routes available to make efficient trips.

Admin & Operations Portal

You could be a store or a fleet manager looking to gain access to all controls and insight into analytics.

Our powerful and robust admin dashboard can help you manage everything from orders & customers to payments & discounts, and also introduce your partners, i.e. wholesalers and retailers, into the system.

Movanos Admin App

Go live with your delivery business in 3 weeks!

Create an incredible delivery solution with Movanos robust features


Geofencing technology

Optimize routes for quick and efficient delivery by specifying areas and territories using geofencing tools & techniques.


Rewards, discounts & wallet

Choose from our wide range of pre-built yet fully customisable loyalty programs, offers, promotions, and discounts.


White-label app

Design the app layout & theme as per your branding, and customise app flows and algorithms to meet your business needs.


Minimart: E-commerce & delivery management solution for a supermarket chain

Minimart is a grocery platform powered by Movanos, enabling users to instantly place and track their orders in real-time. Minimart also supports scheduling and subscription of orders to aid the ever-growing grocery demands. Minimart is currently available in Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Their customers can choose from hundreds of products and special packages listed on the app at the market price. They can schedule a delivery or place an ad hoc order as per their convenience, & track the drivers during the journey. Additionally, there are options to subscribe to orders for multiple days and pay for Zakat online to deserving people.


Medz N more: E-commerce & delivery management solution for an e-pharmacy

Medz N more is a digital healthcare startup, an e-pharmacy, dedicated to improving people’s access to healthcare by blending technology and innovation to solve problems associated with modern-day pharmacies.

They use Movanos delivery management solution to manage and track orders and deliveries easily. Their customers can choose from hundreds of medicines, wellness products, and medical devices listed on the website. The users can also upload prescriptions and consult certified pharmacists through the app. Along with the availability of promos and discounts, users can schedule a delivery or place an ad hoc order as per their convenience, as well as, track the drivers during the journey.

Medznmore app and portal


Make your marketplace stand out with Movanos

A delivery management partnership with Movanos allows you to discover how you can offer more to your people, customers, vendors, and delivery agents to keep pace with what’s next.

Kickstart online ordering and delivery for your business with:

  • An in-depth requirement session
  • Design sprint
  • Branding discovery
  • Cloud & infrastructure setup

Get your app ready to take on new challenges through:

  • Payment & chat integration
  • Notification handling
  • App localisation
  • Branding & customisations

Ensure a bug-free solution, and reach the target audience via:

  • User acceptance testing
  • Real-time app demo & deployment
  • Submission on AppStore & Play Store
  • Training & launch

Explore integrations with Movanos

Trusted by global innovators for on-demand solutions

The ownership, agility and technical know-how shown by the guys and gals at VentureDive not only helped us launch our product in record time, but it also felt like having our own engineering crew sitting with us in Dubai!

Magnus Olsson, Co-founder Careem - delivery management client

Magnus Olsson

VentureDive’s past and present experience with other on-demand delivery startups is something that helps them stand out. Their team is organized and attentive, successfully managing projects to meet deadlines.

Zohair Dangra, Operations lead, Unilever - delivery management client

Zohair Dangra
Operations Lead,

We are very pleased with the positive business results that have come due to the effectiveness of the Munchies app. Transparent and dedicated, the team maintained direct and open lines of communication between all stakeholders.

Amir Paracha

Amir Paracha
VP Customer Development,

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