Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023 – VentureDive, renowned for its expertise in data and digital transformation globally, has introduced its innovative bilingual LLM support agents. Fluent in English and Arabic, these advanced solutions revolutionise customer interactions across the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and Northern Africa.

Tailored for sectors like, quick service restaurants (QSRS), consumer packaged goods (CPG)/retail, contact centers, healthcare organisations, and BFSIs, these agents are powered by VentureDive’s cutting-edge data and AI platform. They adeptly manage diverse customer needs, from rapidly processing QSR orders to offering insightful retail advice, and delivering a smooth, engaging experience.

Saad Hashmi, vice president of data and AI, said: “We’re not just guiding but illuminating the customer service journey. Our AI, akin to a digital concierge, enriches user engagement, focusing on our clients’ most crucial needs.” He adds, “These agents are primed for enhancing customer service and are ready for broader future applications.

VentureDive’s agents stand out in the region for their language proficiency, understanding of cultural subtleties, and connecting with over 400 million Arabic speakers authentically. Their effective deployment in a top QSR, trained on extensive datasets, ensures accurate, customer-centric responses, enhancing satisfaction and streamlining operations.

Their distinct advantages include cost-efficiency, privacy adherence by integrating with private cloud infrastructures, and high customizability, making them valuable across various industries.

Imran Moinuddin, Senior Vice President of Data and AI, notes, “Our blend of AI and data analysis crafts personalised experiences that are both affordable and scalable, transforming enterprise-customer connections.

Atif Azim, CEO, comments on the evolving AI sector, “Amidst developments like those from OpenAI, we’re at the vanguard, using data and AI not merely as tools but as drivers of technological revolution.

VentureDive’s dedication to AI innovation is evident through their solutions, which not only effectively address present requirements but also proactively anticipate emerging AI trends.

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Refer to the original press release at Khaleej Times here.