Automated testing

Speed up releases, improve test coverage, and find defects faster.

Leverage Test automation to give your SDLC a competitive edge

Test automation services include implementation of a wide set of testing and around-testing components: from planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, implementation of automated test data preparation, design and maintenance of all types of automated test scripts and more.

With Automation Testing, you can get quicker feedback on development, and speed up releases with more accuracy. QA and Automation engineers at VentureDive have mastered industry best practices that address all your automation testing needs and help you deliver bug-free products.

Benefits of Test Automation

Automated testing benefits every organization that builds apps and requires frequent manual testing. Some of the benefits include:


Reduced Regression Testing Time

Cut down regression testing cycle time to support quick software releases


Faster Time-to-Market

Facilitate faster time-to-market for web, mobile, and desktop apps using a reliable test automation frameworks


Tests Run on 24×7 Basis

Round the clock running of tests depending on project and client requirements


Multi-Platform Testing

Conduct testing across various devices, operating systems, and browsers to maintain smooth functionality for end users


Lesser Defects in Production

ntegration of automated test on CI/CD pipeline reduce the overall count of defects found during the SDLC

Our Test Automation services

Test any API or application, both web, and mobile. From a business layer to a user interface – we’re a full-cycle automation testing company that can help you deliver a perfect product.

Our expertise

  • Assessment and ROI Analysis
  • Framework design & implementation
  • Tool Evaluation
  • Script development
  • Execution and maintenance of test scripts
  • Automated Regression testing

Use cases

  • API testing services
  • Automated web testing services
  • Mobile automation testing services

Industries we enable

  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education 
  • Retail
  • Human resources
  • Entertainment
  • Telecomm

Engagement models

We provide automated software testing services under the three engagement models:

Managed testing services

Our Quality Assurance, Testing, & Automation engineers testing team take care of all testing activities

Team augmentation

We provide testing specialists to strengthen your testing team and/or speed up the testing process

Setting up your testing team

Our QA consultants help you set up an independent testing team relying on industry standards.

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Key Differentiators as a Leading QA Automation Company

VentureDive is a leading automation testing company that follows a standardized automation approach to help enterprises speed up their testing processes. The presence of multiple environments, multiple user devices, and third-party integrations ensure better test coverage, high reusability and cost savings on a long-term basis.

Certified Team of Testers

Affiliated team of dedicated QA testing experts having better technical knowledge and test design capability.

Adaptable Test Automation Framework

Flexible & manageable framework supporting the implementation of CI server, test automation, & test management tools.

Test Automation Strategy Development

Creation of test automation roadmap covering test automation architecture, test maintenance & integration.


Scope of permitting multiple test executions within a single process to improve test automation speed.

Simultaneous Bug Detection

All automated test scripts are incorporated with bug-tracking systems and test case management systems for quality output.

Test Automation Approach We Follow

You know why 60% of test automation projects fail? Because of wrong implementation and an unorganized plan of action. We follow a meticulously designed systematic approach based on our deep industry and technology understanding that align with the client’s business goals.

  1. Ensure functional stability of the application
  2. Identify scenarios for automation in coordination with the client
  3. Begin project after scope finalization
  4. Periodic demonstrations are given to the client during scripting
  5. Handover to client after all scope scenarios are automated successfully

Automation testing process

With highly-qualified testers on board, VentureDive follows a robust approach and formulates personalized test plans to assure that all requisites of the application are achieved as expected.


  • Understanding of Business Requirements
  • Evaluation of Testing Requirements
  • Tool and Technology Selection


  • Defining Scope and Resources
  • Preparing Test Cases
  • Tool Installation and Configuration


Automation & Optimization
  • Framework Implementation
  • Script Preparation


  • Test Case Execution Result Capturing
  • Review and Analysis


  • Defect and Error Reporting

Tools we use in Test Automation

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