Security testing

Decades of penetration testing and living in CyberSpace has taught us that there’s always a way in. We’ll find it — and help you keep the bad guys out.

Incorporate QA security testing in SDLC from the get-go

QA security testing is used to spot vulnerabilities in a corporate IT environment and uncover security threats to it. Since 2012, VentureDive has been equipping companies with insights into the cybersecurity state of their IT environment and recommendations on how to improve their software security testing posture.

Our focus is on assessing software applications for security problems, during development and post-launch. During the development process, we provide security assessments that integrate into CI/CD pipelines and DevOps methodologies, allowing security vulnerabilities to be identified early.

Common software security threats

Your software, apps, and APIs might be vulnerable to many threats, including:


Involves injection of malicious scripts into a web page. This allows attackers to redirect the user to another website where they can steal their cookies, load a malicious program on their machines, etc.

Cross-site request forgery

Involves link placement on a trusted web page. When the users go to the attacker’s website, the malicious code runs and gains the user’s account control or steals sensitive data, e.g. logins, passwords, etc.


Involves injection of code snippets that affect how a program functions. This enables the attackers to access sensitive information of the users, break the application, and so on.

Server-side include injection

Involves injection of malicious HTML scripts into an application, to be executed later by the local webserver. Lack of proper validation allows attackers to execute arbitrary codes remotely.


Involves the attacker obtaining a role higher than their own, within a web application. This allows them to bypass access control and get unauthorized access to another user’s account and personal data.

Our application security testing services

We have access to a comprehensive and advanced set of tools and security testing methodologies to identify security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

Our expertise

  • Reconnaissance 
  • SQL injection
  • Broken auth and session management
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Security Access Control
  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

What we test

  • Network services
  • Servers
  • Firewalls, IDS/IPSs, other security solutions
  • Application protocol interfaces (APIs)
  • Front end and back end of applications

Industries we enable

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education 
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Human resources
  • Telecomm

Engagement models

We provide automated software testing services under two engagement models:

One-time security testing

Looking to get impartial security testing and evaluation without vendor lock-in? Engage with us short-term to weigh the pros and cons, form an opinion and then make a decision for further cooperation. This one-time engagement will usually last the duration of a single project.

Managed security testing

Want to be constantly aware of the occurrence of security vulnerabilities? Opt for regularly scheduled, post-launch vulnerability testing services for your IT infrastructure. This would help you better manage time and finances since we’ll already be familiar with your project’s IT infrastructure.

Want to ensure your IT infrastructure is fully secure?

VentureDive can provide a deep insight into the state of your IT environment cybersecurity and comprehensive recommendations on how to make it max hacker-proof.

VentureDive as your Security Testing partner

Our security experts challenge and assess corporate cybersecurity defenses. Our team will conduct a penetration test or launch a full-scale red team assessment. Depending on your needs, the team can also implement different types of security testing that focus on specific areas, including your website, mobile device, and API vulnerabilities.

Who we are

Our bench consists of over 90+ CEH-certified testers. Each team assigned to your program will consist of experts with experience in your business sector.  

What we’ve achieved

We have completed over 150 security testing and security consulting projects in banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, telecoms, and more.

How we help

We help firms meet the data & information security standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, GDPR, Payment Services Directive, SWIFT CSP, and PCI DSS.

Our specialization

Certified Offensive Security Professional specialized in hacking, red team operations, system and network exploitation, penetration testing, and hardening.

Tools we use in security testing

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