Scale up effortlessly with on-demand staff augmentation

Expand your in-house development capabilities by adopting cost-efficient and flexible technology outsourcing and staff augmentation options with our skilled developers and project managers. 

On-demand tech talent at VentureDive


Fast-track project delivery with on-demand experts

Hiring on-demand tech talent can help you quickly fill the gaps in your team’s skill set. The right team of professionals can offer ongoing support, team augmentation for a specific project, or emergency assistance to lead your project to success.

Our highly skilled remote developers will engage deeply with your team and function as your team, driven to help your project succeed.

Onboard skilled people when you need them

Experience unmatched flexibility and diversity in skills by hiring a remote tech team. 


Reduced management

Lower the time & cost of growing & managing your team by hiring an outsourcing partner who handles it for you end-to-end.


High quality talent

Hire reliable and vetted developers who take ownership, communicate well, & follow best practices in work.


Quick project kickoff

Instantly boost your capabilities with access to a large number of developers available immediately, ready to add value.


Project oriented team

Access developers with skills in any tech stack required by your project, and switch b/w specializations on-demand.


zGlue – Staff Augmentation for ChipBuilder startup

zGlue has officially launched the industry’s first online library of chiplets, ChipletStore™, and we are so proud to have played our part in helping them in this journey.

We engaged with zGlue as their technology partners, and helped them extend their team with a large number of developers highly skilled in technologies required to build the online library. We worked together to get their fully developed, high-quality product to market in record time & cost. 

Boost your capabilities with on-demand IT staff augmentation

When working on a development project, you may need experts in multiple tech stacks. This can cause a skills gap that can hold you back. With on-demand developer hire, you can augment your team with a diverse range of skillsets, experiences, and expertise, and you can utilize it wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Full-stack developers

Mobile app developers

Front-end engineers

Architects & project managers

DevOps & cloud experts

QA & automation engineers

Data scientists

UX designers


Extend your team effectively with minimum effort

Easily scale your team up or down with specialized IT professionals, hire experts for the required timeframe, and onboard resources quickly to ensure your project’s success.

Our developers are highly skilled in numerous technologies, including Python, Ruby on Rails, React Native, and Node JS. They are well-versed in remote working and experienced in a range of methodologies and tools, letting them seamlessly integrate into your team. Hiring on-demand tech talent can meet your changing needs in terms of time and skills, making it highly cost-effective.

Describe your needs

Tell us exactly what you’re looking for. Let us know your project requirements, scope & budget.

Access our talent pool

We offer you our selection of tech talent, and you choose the best ones as per your needs.

Meet your team

Get acquainted with your new team, learn how they work, discuss your project’s tech stack. 

Onboard your team

Remotely integrate your new team within the existing one & work towards a successful project launch.

On-demand developer hire or staff augmentation is a simple way of outsourcing your development services to an external organization, without engaging in a long-term commitment or complicated contract. 


You could be working on a project that requires a tech stack that is not available to you in-house, or you need specialized skills on an ad-hoc basis, or you urgently need experts to get started on a high-profile project, then on-demand developer hire is the right way to go. You can hire developers full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis, as per your project needs and budget. 


Hiring developers on-demand is for you if you’re facing issues with tech talent recruitment and need to onboard talent much faster. It’s a great choice for most companies looking to create innovative mobile and web solutions, or any custom or off-the-shelf digital product. If you’re a late-stage startup, an SME or an enterprise, team augmentation or extension with on-demand tech talent can help you cut down costs, boost productivity and get high-quality products to market at a much faster rate.

The benefits of hiring developers on-demand come with a range of benefits:


  • Quick ramp-up:  Kickstart new products and application development with the vast availability of resources & zero training time.


  • Access to talent: Tap into the best talent globally and choose from various subject matter experts, skills, and experience levels.


  • Flexibility of scaling: Quickly scale up or down as per your requirements, without needing to manage the overheads of internally hired people.


  • Reduced costs: Benefit from little to no training expenses, zero overhead costs, and affordable, vast knowledge for your development team.


  • Effective management: Continue to maintain the direction and control of the project with constant updates from your extended team members.


  • Time-zone advantage: Maintain a continuous workstream with team members from one timezone tag-teaming with on-shore members.


  • Save time: Substantially lower your management efforts, and save time on search & induction of resources by hiring externally.


  • Customer-focus: Put your customers first with experienced software developers who will help you scale and fast-track your business growth 

The flexibility offered by hiring developers on-demand can be categorized as follows:


  • Agile Teams
    Looking to extend your team? Get reliable workers who can help you kickstart new projects or expedite innovation in existing ones with agile and scrum methodologies.


  • Competency Depth
    Got multiple, complex projects? Our internal management structure is based on competencies ensuring that each resource is able to tap into their entire team for problem-solving.


  • Communication & Account Management
    On a strict budget? We assign an engagement manager to each of our clients, who ensures their needs are understood and the right resources are staffed, saving time & costs.

At VentureDive, we understand that each business problem is unique and requires a distinct approach to the solution. That’s why we always begin with a free consultation with one of our experts, before diving into the solution discovery process. 


During that session, our goal is to fully understand your project requirements, empathize with the pain points you are looking to address, and lay down different solutions we feel would be a perfect fit for you. You will also get a fair idea about our culture and what it would be like to partner with VentureDive and establish a long-term relationship built on trust, empathy, and strong business acumen.


Careem Pay – Staff augmentation for digital payments platform

VentureDive augmented the staff of a digital payment platform company, Careem Pay. Our team worked to design the UX of the client’s mobile app. 

Our technology engagement with Careem Pay met the expectations of the internal team. Our development and design experts successfully integrated into the client’s team to ensure a smooth workflow, ensuring professionalism, responsiveness, and attentiveness. 

Careem pay app

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Hire a team of experts that brings your ideas to life

 We have a wealth of talent within our organization just waiting to help you innovate to deliver successful products and services. When working with VentureDive, you don’t get just a few best-matched resources for your project. You get the knowledge and skills of over 300 experts, accumulated over the course of 8 years.

The best part? We’re a remote-first company! This means that you can be confident that we have the high-quality skills, processes, and experience necessary to deliver your business goals completely remotely.