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Customer Success Rate

About Project

Droobi Health is the leading digital therapeutic solution for chronic disease and wellness in Qatar and the MENA region. They offer digital programs to manage diseases and build wellness by modifying users’ behaviors, and providing remote monitoring to improve long-term health outcomes.






App Design & Development | QA & Testing


Combining technology and care to help people live better lives

The MENA region has seen a sudden surge in the rates of chronic illnesses. According to the International Diabetes Federation, 55 million adults between the ages of 20-79 had diabetes in 2019. In 2045, these statistics are estimated to increase by 108 million. Untreated illnesses are also an area of concern as 45% of patients have never been diagnosed due to social or cultural norms. Slight behavioral modifications and a change in lifestyle can lead to lower rates of chronic illnesses.

That’s where Droobi Health comes to the rescue. They wanted to create a platform where customers can educate themselves and prevent these illnesses. Other healthcare platforms in the market like Altibbi and Cura also provide health consultation and educational services in MENA. Droobi, on the other hand, has focused on lifestyle management and behavioral modification as its USP. It’s a digital health therapeutics platform that helps people change their habits and lifestyle. It implements mobile computing and data sciences to help patients and give them more independence towards their health. 

The idea behind Droobi Health solutions is to help people manage their health and lower their chances of developing illnesses with the help of a 16-week long health program. Within this program, users can easily track their health and keep up with complete information about their progress. VentureDive worked alongside Droobi in 2018 to kickstart its digital journey. 


Bringing the ultimate health solution to life

The digital structure of Droobi consists of a 16-week online program to help users maintain their lifestyle habits by tracking their health conditions. It targets all the patients with diabetes and obesity-related illnesses and has two admin portals – one is for patients’ use and the other for healthcare professionals. 

Droobi wanted to create a permanent solution for its target population where patients can collaborate with consultants and keep a check on their health and lifestyle. They wanted to provide a solution that not only prevents illness. But also helps you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

The system was designed by VentureDive in a way to make this vision possible. Users start by filling out a survey on the app and Droobi assigns a suitable consultant to them.

Technology partnership with VentureDive

Droobi and VentureDive collaborated as technology partners and the development and infrastructure teams at VentureDive accomplished the following for Droobi:

  • Introduced a digital interface for patients and doctors to collaborate outside physical settings of clinics
  • Enhanced lifestyle coaching experience for patients
  • Made the user experience meaningful through functional user flows
  • Created digital tools and infrastructure to help patients manage their health
  • Encouraged and empowered patients to manage their diabetes

VentureDive, being a quality assurance partner for Droobi, made all the digital tools functional, smooth, and easy to navigate and understand. We utilized the best practices of quality assurance and technology development to make Droobi a leading app in the digital healthcare industry.

Droobi Health app design mockup
Droobi Health app design mockup

Accomplishing business objectives with seamless quality

VentureDive’s technology development teams integrated Apple healthkit, J&J one touch glucometer along with chat and video chat features. We monetized the health application portal in the app to be digitally accustomed to the everyday needs of users. VentureDive and Droobi had one vision for the well-being of users. Together we wanted them to know that we truly care about them.


  • Easily chat with patients and update them on their progress
  • Adjust targets to meet different user needs
  • Consult with medical teams
  • Monitor blood glucose and prescribe or change medication accordingly


  • Monitor their health condition and stay updated on their vitals
  • Create daily targets along with long term goals
  • Stay updated about healthy foods and a balanced diet
  • Learn about different physical activities
  • Easily chat with health coaches & consult doctors

Clinical outcomes after using Droobi

The objective of Droobi was to motivate healthy eating habits and healthy food. This was achieved by utilizing behavioral sciences, standard prevention curriculum, data analytics along with personal support of health professionals. 

The outcome involved users losing 5 – 7% of their total body weight. Along with 30% reduction in their chance of getting diabetes. It also led to a decrease in health complications related to diabetes. The average reported weight loss after using Droobi was 2.7 Kg, while the average range was 0.4 – 11 Kg.

Patients reported weight loss after using the Droobi Health app
Patients reported weight loss after using the Droobi Health app
Patients using Droobi Health app indicated significant A1C reduction
Patients using Droobi Health app indicated significant A1C reduction

Integration of the latest technology

VentureDive wanted to establish an extremely easy to use digital interface with the latest technology tools. So the users can instantly track everything about their health from managing their lifestyle, eating habits, eating in right quantities, and measuring blood glucose. Round-the-clock support and assistance from experienced professionals are built around the latest tools so patients can receive direct updates from doctors. 

The advanced features of the app can also help users lose weight, help lower their HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin), and reduce future possibilities of developing a chronic illness. 

With a strong infrastructure and reliability of the app, users can practice self-care every day.


Moving forward: The future roadmap for Droobi

Droobi Health, since 2018 has continued to provide a seamless digital health experience to users all across MENA and combat the prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and related health issues. It will continue improving and saving lives and creating an impact in the digital health industry. 

Droobi Health has also collaborated with VentureDive to launch COVI – a free application to keep communities safe, healthy, and well-informed about the COVID-19 pandemic. COVI provides detailed updates on the Coronavirus outbreak in Qatar and its aim is to prevent and fight the spread of the virus while keeping users informed and updated. The application entails educational content about symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, prevention, and FAQs about COVID-19. 

VentureDive looks forward to continuing to work with Droobi and help it become a leader in the digital health industry. 

Racha zarzour acting CEO of Droobi Health