Embrace digital in your mobility & logistics business

Move people and transport commodities efficiently with mobility solutions that offer passengers, drivers, and delivery teams optimized and intuitive experiences.

Today, intelligent mobility is not optional

Transportation and logistics companies are facing unprecedented challenges while fulfilling consumer demands and managing operations. With the rapid shift in the global demographics, urbanization and the rise of the access economy are creating high demands for smarter, sustainable mobility and logistics in urban cities.

At VentureDive, our mobility, transport, and logistics experts work with you to leverage smart mobility solutions and help you optimize throughput, & increase the availability of infrastructure, without compromising on user experience.


Enabling a wide range of logistics & mobility solutions for

Shipment container - logistics services
Logistics & transportation startups
public bus - mobility solutions
Passenger & road transportation services
freight truck - logistics solutions
Freight & trucking businesses
tram - mobility solutions
City councils & public transportation
DistributionNOW Case Study - VentureDive


Logistics & mobility solutions for hassle-free asset management

Utilizing cloud-based software infrastructure, VentureDive digitized DNOW’s survey and asset management processes, and made their user journeys simple yet immersive.

VentureDive’s efforts resulted in a fully automated platform reducing survey time significantly and allowing easy and effective asset management for DNOW. 


End-to-end software development for mobility and logistics use cases

We help people get to places with next-gen mobility technology & aggregator platforms.

Make it easy to hail transport (taxis, bikes, limos, e-scooters, etc.), track your fleet in real-time, and offer delightful experiences to your customers through native mobile apps and web portals.

  • Passenger app
  • Driver app
  • Admin panel
  • Dispatcher panel
Careem app

OEMs, dealerships and auto businesses like you can drive profitability and meet consumer demands by striking the right balance between hardware, software and the mobility ecosystem.

From ride-hailing to car-sharing, we help you offer smart mobility services that perfectly address the needs of your customers.

  • Consumer app
  • Car Owner’s app
  • Dealership portal
  • OEM portal
Two people sharing a ride

From dynamic & fixed routes to first & last mile solutions for public transport, we guide you on your journey to bring affordable, reliable and easy to use shared mobility services to market.

Build and deploy a branded mass transit service app, customized to meet the needs of citizens.

  • Passenger app
  • Driver app
  • Admin portal
People sharing a public transport

Looking for a delivery management system? Check out our completely customizable and ready to use white-label delivery management software for all delivery use-cases, complete with:

  • White-label customer app
  • White-label delivery agent app
  • Admin panel
Delivery MANAGEMENT app

Enhance your fleet’s visibility & control, and optimize productivity with our agile workflow solutions.

Improve customer satisfaction and prevent downtime by tracking your mobile assets, making data-driven decisions about vehicle management and sharing customized reports and analytics for boosting performance & efficiency.

Data management and tracking - mobility solutions

How we infuse value in transportation and logistics businesses

From digital transformation with our enterprise mobility solutions, to innovation and experimentation with new technologies like crowdsourcing, we help augment your overall business workflow. We aim to improve the interaction between you and your customers & employees to promote better governance.


Mobile order entry


Proof of delivery apps


Shipping & receiving


Asset management


Inventory management


Customer apps

Careem pay app


Mobility Solutions for Careem: affordable ride-hailing for the masses

Careem wanted an e-hail service platform where Riders (customers) who need to get to places, and Captains (drivers) looking to earn, can functionally interact.

From engineering & consulting to design & quality assurance, our resources developed Careem’s core platform, who were later acquired by Careem. The result is one of the biggest transformations in the urban mobility industry, beginning from the Middle East, sprawling out to the rest of the world.

Let’s discuss your project

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