ReactJS Development

Power web apps and cross-platform development with React, the leading JavaScript framework crafted and maintained by Facebook, for engaging UIs that customers enjoy.

Render impressive UIs with React’s agile frontend modules

Trusted by the biggest tech moguls like Instagram, Netflix & Airbnb. Build your product on React to enter the billion$ club with a powerful, scalable, and secure product.

Our services are transparent, flexible and collaborative

We’ve enabled billion dollar companies. Yours could be next!


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Engineer complex web frontend solutions with React

Leverage React’s extensive library with multiple third-party integrations to curate a scalable complex architecture that performs.

Custom ReactJS Development

Curate scalable custom solutions using high-quality extensive React libraries to create single-page, dynamic, desktop, or various web applications of your choice.

Enterprise Solutions

Equip your team with high-quality resources to fill the skill gap and craft compelling enterprise-level solutions that signify growth while setting a strong foundation for generations to come.

Interactive UI Development

Benefit from React’s frontend-specific framework, dedicated to facilitating the process of creating interactive and intuitive UI designs that promote user engagement with a high-quality final product.

Migration to React

Upgrade your existing outdated architecture to a more modern and robust system using multiple components from React’s library. Modernize legacies with the new coding practices and eliminate security issues and future risks.

React Native App Development

Reduce code complexity with multi-dimensional cross-platform app development with React Native. Achieve a faster development cycle for multiple devices with reusable codes.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Equipped with advanced tech to support your QA needs and ensure smooth performance and functionality for extensive React libraries used to create your product.

react team support

Team Support & Maintenance

Optimize your workflow with the right team to assist with ongoing maintenance and curate a foolproof plan for future upgrades for your React-based applications.

Experience the power of ReactJS in your product.

Ready to explore what React can do for your product? Talk to our ReactJS experts and find out more.

Our strengths as your ReactJS development partner

We’re equipped with just the right talent, skills, and work ethics to help your IT initiatives flourish.

Out-of-the-box Approach

Not your generic development firm, our ideas are complex, and we know how to execute them with perfection every time.


We’ve been in the industry since 2012 and have so far polished our skills with the right knowledge and multiple projects under our belt.

Knowledge-based Learning

We ensure our engineers are up-to-date with their skill sets and regularly learn new tools to work with.

On-time Deliverance

Never been late on any project delivery. We value your time too much, and always deliver high-quality work on time.

Quick Setup

We’ve learned the art of speed and can compile your project requirements in less than 24 hours.

Agile Methodologies

React JC can be tricky to work with, but with the right practices, methodologies, and years’ worth of experience, we’ve achieved success. 

We’ve got some big projects under our belt

We have ample experience with multiple projects, and our clients vouch for us as we create top-quality products for industry leaders.

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Simplifi is a leading automated Cards as a Service (CaaS) platform for MENA and Pakistan.



Careem is an affordable ride-hailing service, with mobile apps for riders and captains in the MENA regions.

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Glowfish is a technology venture based out of UAE that helps high-growth startups from the ground up.

Our expertise spans multiple technologies

Our selection of third-party tools compliments ReactJS libraries like a well-oiled machine.

  • Javascript
  • TypeScript
  • ESLint
  • Prettier
  • Redux, 
  • Redux Toolkit
  • NextJs
  • Material
  • Jest
  • Ant Design
  • Styled Components
  • React Testing Library

Progress and workflow of a React project

Combining the best methods and practices to ensure you get a complete product.

Discovery session

Talk to our experts and reach a decision on how you want to commence your project with the toolset and teams that align well with you.


Design Sprint

Initiate the project with the first round that will reveal the first look of your project in a pre-development sprint.


Kickstart the project with our engineers taking the lead on the entire development cycle and crafting the app you once dreamed of.

QA & Testing

Ensure that the entire development process is flawless with rigorous software, performance, and load testing.

Launch & Support

After the launch, the app is under strict watch for performance while we work on the next development cycle for round 2.

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ReactJS development offers cost-effective and intuitive solutions for mobile and web-based apps. It’s quick and it reduces time-to-market.

While the actual price depends on the actual prospect and the complexity of the product, the cost varies from $50-$150 per hour.

Yes, React is the most popular JavaScript framework in 2022 with 40.41% of software developers using React for their development projects.

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