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Our business and technology experts advise companies like yours on how best to use technology to meet their business objectives. This advice is backed by world-class, industry-specific expertise and is in line with the changing technology trends.

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Services we offer

Offering tech advisory services for businesses big & small

Business digitalization consulting for CEOs

We advise you on how to improve your business performance through IT with an effective, value-driven strategy. Our services include:

  • Analysing and developing strategy to help you better manage the IT function in your organization with business-oriented KPIs, goals, optimal organizational structure.
  • Promoting business-IT alignment by preparing business cases for IT initiatives with ROI in focus.
  • Building an IT roadmap on integrating modern technologies within your business processes for  optimal IT operating model, application integration plan, IT service reliability, IT sourcing plan, etc.

IT strategy & technology consulting for CIO/CTO

We create a strategy that would effectively marry the diversified IT landscape and make it stride towards  supporting existing business processes as well as driving new business initiatives. This strategy includes:

  • A business-IT alignment plan to reinforce business processes with IT and introduce new digital business models, if needed.
  • A more mature IT operating model to improve operational efficiency
  • An IT sourcing plan to cover skill gaps at an optimal cost.
  • An application integration plan to expand end-to-end automation, avoid functionality duplication and introduce changes at speed required by the business needs.
  • A plan on improving IT service reliability and application performance management.
  • A plan on enhancing data quality in business-critical IT systems.
  • A plan on ensuring IT security and compliance.

Solution consulting for project managers & product owners

We analyze your business needs and help you make strategic decisions on the fast and successful implementation of business-critical solutions. We consult on:

  • Solution ideation
  • Solution architecture & implementation
  • Business analysis and requirement specification
  • UX services
  • Outsourced project management
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Digital transformation consulting for digital transformation leaders

Get to know the range of digital opportunities across your entire value chain: From the very first steps, we’ll support you on your path to the Digital Enterprise. We offer expertise in:

  • Journey to Cloud
  • Digital customer experience
  • Digital organisation
  • Digital technology strategy
  • Business analytics & data science
  • Governance, risk, & compliance

Solve your most pressing business challenges

Gain competitive advantage with our technology consulting & advisory services.

Our Process

Technology Audit & Asessment

To begin with, we perform risk assessment and technology compliance assessment for checking loopholes and gaps that need to be filled, and where the organization needs to improve from a tech standpoint.


Analysis & Convergence on Solution options

We develop a project management framework that outlines the key performance indicators for improvement in the environment, and infrastructure and give suggests for organizational optimization based on the best practices.


Stakeholder alignment + Recommendations

Finally, we work on aligning the expectations of the stakeholders with the framework we have developed, to create a comprehensive audit report, which outlines the management flow.

Industries we cover

Our consultants have deep knowledge and expertise across several industries

Why VentureDive

Benefits of seeking our tech advisory services

Team of Experts

With over a decade of experience, our team comprises experts from all domains.

Agile Methodologies

We follow only the best coding practices to ensure that we deliver quality-driven products and services on time.

Flexible Engagement Models

Hire a team or let us manage it for you. Choose from our competitive pricing models, including teams-as-a-service and project-wise.

Full-Stack Solution

From consultancy and design to development and QA, we have expertise in an array of services, making us a one-stop solution.

Got questions related to technology audit and advisory?

Technology audit and advisory is where we deep dive into your business and IT strategy and processes to align technology with business objectives. Our goal is to streamline business and software performance, and personalize and set up delivery and support processes and provide suggestions for resolving discovered issues. This helps you deliver an efficient user experience.

We apply proven multidisciplinary techniques and tools to address key issues, including: aligning business and IT strategies and architectures, managing complex business IT transformations, optimising IT performance/value and managing IT costs, in the context of appropriately managing risk and achieving business results.

The easiest way to determine the right time to opt for technology consulting services is to understand your goals. After that, a shortcut towards the IT world is to hire a consulting company that has a portfolio centered around your organization’s needs, coupled with related knowledge and expertise.

You might require somebody to install a new system and do the training for the team. After that, you can handle the order, and the expert can help when any issues come to the front.

You might need some help with suggesting or implementing software or hardware solutions in the business. That’s when you can opt for technology advisory services. It is evident that our world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, therefore, this type of consulting can benefit any industry and bring significant changes.

Another thing that technology consulting offers is big data analysis. This helps in finding the best way to collect and analyze data related to the customers of a business. By doing so, all the information can be used for future campaigns.

Furthermore, technology consulting can help your business do better production and marketing. If that is something that you’re aiming for at this moment, it’s time to hire a technology consulting company.

Technology consulting services are essentially an external IT department. Most of the projects that rely on technology consulting are focused on implementation. A technology consultant checks a proposed IT project and makes it happen. They act as an interface between the company and its hardware and software providers. Here’s a comprehensive, yet non-exhaustive list of things that technology consultants do:

  • Performing studies
  • Checking the cost of the proposed solution
  • Planning the implementation
  • Making quality controls
  • Implementing organizational consulting
  • Presenting strategies and experience to clients
  • Developing and providing solutions
  • Understanding how technology impacts different departments of the organization
  • Communicating with team members
  • Going to client sites
  • Bringing new systems and monitoring them
  • Creating documentation and showing the progress reports
  • Being involved with sales, support, and maintaining contact with client organizations
  • Bringing new ideas and trends

We have compiled a comprehensive set outcomes that you will get after opting for our technology audit and advisory services:

  • Technology compliance
  • Risk assessment
  • Project management framework
  • Suggestions for organizational optimisation
  • List of processes and performance indicators to improve
  • Technical environment, infrastructure, and security best practices
  • Stakeholder alignment of expectations with the requirement management flow
  • Comprehensive audit report
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