About Project

Plantiga has been working on human analytics for over 10 years, developing instrumental footwear using smart AI technology. They are a team of innovators, aiming to excel in their expertise in gait analytics, tracking, and analyzing human movement to offer a better and more accessible solution for a healthier lifestyle.







Technology making health and fitness an accessible luxury

Plantiga, a Vancouver BC-based provider has been in the fitness, gait analytics, and instrumental footwear business for over 10 years. After working in the industry with some of the leading sports brands and athletes exclusively, they are now on a mission to turn their product into an accessible luxury.

Technological advancement in sports medicine and fitness is at a breakneck speed, and Plantiga is accelerating to help fitness enthusiasts and geeks track their physical performance and overall health in an organized fashion.

As personal health and fitness are becoming a necessity for an individual, they are looking for ways to excel and improve their own training regiments. To support the goal, new devices like the Plantiga sensor insoles are paving their way into the market, offering better insight, data, and analytics on one’s health.

Their aim is to unlock the power of locomotor movements, their AI-powered sensor insoles, and software platform is used by some of the world’s best to optimize human motor skills. They help people become more resilient and perform at their best – in sports and in life.

Whether you’re looking for a way to stay active, recovering from a prolonged mechanical injury, or just simply trying to create a healthy balance in life and pushing yourself to achieve your realistic fitness goals, Plantiga is your go-to coach.

The health start-up recently raised $1.2M in seed funding to further excel and come up with new solutions as well as expand business operations into new territories.

Plantiga insole

Plantiga, the physical fitness brand recently launched a closed beta program for individuals where they can sign-up, become exclusive members, and get direct access to all the accessories that include, sensor insoles, pods, and a Wi-fi connectivity device (also known as the base station).

The insoles will help record real-time data and display the analytics and metrics on the mobile app with assistance from the base station. The Base Station acts as a router, that allows the pods present in the sole to upload data to the cloud as soon as they are placed on the charging pad. This smart feature allows users to save time and relieve them of any manual data transfer. Moreover, this data will remain on the Plantiga cloud, keeping track of all your progress, and for future consultations.

Furthermore, members can schedule an onboarding session and a consult with a professional movement coach from the app. The coaches consist of biomechanists, kinesiologists, strength and conditioning specialists. They help users set up their desired health and fitness goals that they would like to accomplish.

This data will be visible to your dedicated coach as well, who will then proceed with creating a strategy around that data for a personalized experience.

What sort of data is Plantiga able to record and provide?

Plantiga records a high-level frequency of accelerations based out of your feet, as you move. With the generated data and metrics from the Plantiga mobile app, they are able to leverage its AI to determine spatiotemporal parameters of walking and running gaits, such as speed, cadence, and stride length – just to name a few.

Plantiga recording speed and cadence

Bringing a far-fetched idea to life

Plantiga’s approach was to create a member-exclusive application connected to the sensor insole to record and upload the data gathered by the pods present within. Once the products are in hand, the in-house movement coach will help you onboard, plan and execute your goals based on your unique movement patterns.

The progress of each user will be recorded on the Plantiga mobile application in real time, and they will have the ability to schedule 1-on-1 sessions with their coaches to refine their routine accordingly. 

With all the requirements clearly documented, the only thing left to do was to partner with an experienced and innovative technology solutions company to bring this vision to life.

Plantiga user interface

Technological expertise of VentureDive

Despite having concerns about outsourcing development work initially, when Plantiga approached team VentureDive, their reservations eased immediately.

VentureDive took end-to-end ownership of: 

  • UX-UI design
  • Android app development
  • iOS app development
  • Website revamp
  • Quality assurance and testing for each application
  • Content creation for their blog

Consequently, we delivered a versatile, yet exclusive membership platform with native mobile apps and a seamless user experience from door-step delivery of accessories to ongoing fitness coaching. 


What lies ahead for Plantiga

Plantiga has achieved a lot in these past 10 years, from handling only exclusive clientele to branching out to a wider audience. It now aims to further broaden its target market to include the common man, and we are thrilled to be a part of this journey.