VentureDive has been named one of the top mobile app developers in San Francisco by The list was compiled based on the expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies. To make an assessment, Techreviewer collected information about our services and our client’s reviews. Their research placed us on the list of mobile app development companies out of over 700 competitors.

Techreviewer conducts annual research and updates market leader lists on a regular basis. Analysts’ findings help those who are looking for service providers for complex technical tasks.

VentureDive is known to have its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. The company started its work nine years ago, in 2012, and now specializes in software, web, and mobile development along with UI and UX design, data advisory, and custom software solutions.

VentureDive is a reliable service provider of high-class mobile app development services and business solutions for companies in a range of industries. Possessing deep practical knowledge in various fields, the company helps its clients solve their business challenges as soon as possible while maintaining high quality and efficiency.

VentureDive’s mobile development services

At VentureDive, we have mastered the art of building competitive mobile solutions by using the right methodologies. Our profound work methods have been the key to improving the business expansion of our clients worldwide and have made them a leader in their genre. 

VentureDive designs and develops Native and Hybrid mobile solutions. We have a wide range of experience providing our services to companies belonging to different parts of the industry. This includes transportation and logistics solutions, healthcare and life sciences, consumer products and services, finance, and many more. 

VentureDive is known for researching the latest technologies and is always on the lookout for further improvement. The clients are the topmost priority for VenD. Let’s discuss a few latest projects successfully launched by VentureDive.

Miza | Grocery & pharmacy delivery solution

Miza is a fintech company with a presence in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Tunisia. It delivers a multitude of products and services to its customers. Their principal focus was to build platforms and online marketplaces to benefit people across the MENA region.

VentureDive enabled Miza to build a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers within the grocery and pharmaceutical business domains. In order to achieve this target successfully, we helped them with product discovery, technological revamps, and UX design. Together, VentureDive and Miza built two on-demand delivery platforms, using which Miza has managed to significantly bridge the gap between consumers and everyday essentials like grocery and pharmacy supplies. 

Medz n More | Pharmacy delivery solution

Medz n More is a B2B platform that connects pharmacies with patients (via a B2C platform). They are a team of digital healthcare innovators dedicated to improving access to healthcare by blending technology and innovation to solve problems associated with modern-day pharmacies and online medicine delivery management systems.  Medz n more faced two challenges: 

  1. Difficulty in procuring medicine 
  2. The abundance of counterfeit medicines

VentureDive deciphered a solution by building a fully customized and automated digital ecosystem, consisting of two online platforms.  On-demand delivery of medicine enabled Medz n more to bridge the gap between pharmacies and their access to authentic medical supplies and drugs.

DistributionNOW | Oil & Gas

DistributionNOW is the leading supplier to the energy and industrial markets worldwide. It has a presence in more than 250 locations in more than 20 countries and delivers a complete range of products and services to upstream, midstream, downstream, and industrial customers. DNOW needed an efficient, sustainable, and scalable digital solution to replace their paper-based registers for record maintenance. This would enable them to easily organize their data, curate surveys for their field engineers, and generate comprehensive asset management reports.

VentureDive helped them achieve this goal by efficiently using Amazon EKS, Amazon Relational Database Service, and AWS Cloud. Today, DNOW has managed to significantly reduce survey time, improve data integrity, streamline asset management, and enhance user journeys for their staff and field engineers. A cloud-based and fully automated digital platform designed by VenD has enabled them to achieve their targets. 

VentureDive is honored to receive this badge in 2021. We are determined to further improve our services and expertise and launch more efficient and successful solutions in our market.

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